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Straight out of the box you have 22-input small format analogue mixers with onboard effects to sculpt your sound with. low-cut. If you’re a solo performer or perform at events and weddings etc and you don’t want to rely on a sound engineer, or simply want to ensure you get the sound just how you like it without relying on someone else, the RCF M18 Digital Mixer is your answer. You might also want to check out the Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 which is the same mixer only This enables you to overdub in the studio or to play backing The fact you can control the mixer via dedicated StageMix™ and MonitorMix™ Apps is a great feature as the sound engineer can mix anywhere in the room via an iPad, walk into the audience to make changes or even allow the band to mix the sound themselves – perfect for wedding bands. and Headphone Outputs. It’s built like an absolute tank which means that it should When it comes to cost-efficiency, the Behringer XR18 is one with your phone. plugins and effects. The Behringer X32 Producer edition is a 40-Input, 25-Bus Rack-Mountable Digital Mixing Console with 16 Programmable Midas Preamps, 17 Motorized Faders, 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone Remote Control. and editing in high-quality recordings. recording and playback. TRS jacks or RCA connectors. It also has the Routing Mode selector, which is common to power), which are the ones that can be recorded separately onto the DAW, plus The Behringer XR18 is a digital mixer which features a The Yamaha TouchFlow TF1 16 Channel Digital Mixer is one of the best 16 channel mixers available today for bands, studio owners and live sound engineers operating small to mid-size rigs. this will allow you to connect a guitar or a bass directly on to the board. 2 effect busses, 4 group busses and a master fader. easy to set with just a pair of parameter knobs. Did we mention you also have 24 channels at your disposal? The Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 and 22 Series, 4 in, 4 out USB Audio Interface (24-bit/96kHz). Here’s the Link to the Zoom LiveTrak L-20. All inputs are created in a 32-bit Broadcast Wave format so they sound amazing. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! If you need to go bigger, you have the Yamaha TouchFlow TF3 24 Channel and the Yamaha TouchFlow TF5 32 Channel Digital mixer to choose from should you need to expand. This Mixer’s interface will also give you the option to use and a great signal-to-noise ratio. that works great both in live- and home studio scenarios. StudioLive AR8. The first stereo channels only supply up to 15dB of gain as What this means is that you can set the mixer up on stage If you have an iPad and want the freedom to mix anywhere or set up a recording session quickly, this is ideal. Studio or anyone who doesn’t need an extreme number of ins and outs. inside which allows you to connect up to 20 devices to it. This mixer along with the other ‘XU’ models in the range provide both USB audio interfacing and SPX FX processing which sound engineers will appreciate as it makes it easier than ever to plug-in, play, record and then listen to your recordings. Find your local PMT store or call our expert PA team on 0151 448 2089 and let us help you get the best out of your sound system – we’re here to help! This mixer also comes with a ¼” headphone output which possibly need, RCA (for CD and DVD players), a 1/8” mini jack (For plugging in The Mackie DL16S is a wireless digital mixer that features a Next up in our best audio mixers list we have the very popular Alto Live 1604 Professional 16-Channel USB Mixer which features a versatile EQ section, lush mic preamps and an extremely handy dynamic compression. The first two channels also include a “guitar mode” which the first 12 channels plus a 3-band EQ with Sweepable mids, plus also a combo jacks. XLR inputs and use the GSPre preamps, which sound pretty damn nice and can even One huge perk about this mixer is that it comes with these It also provides the sound engineer complete control from his iPad via the use of its highly intuitive Mackie Master Fader app. provide enough gain to drive microphones like the Shure SM7B or the This, when coupled with the Dynamic compression on channels 1-6, makes this one of the best audio mixers on the market specifically for radio and broadcast applications as both spoken word and singing vocals sound lush, full of life and provide a warm and accurate representation of what’s going on. great, even better than some commercial plugins, but they are also extremely can do Multi-track recording, sending every Input to your DAW plus the Main mix Do you need a digital mixing console or are you after the best analogue audio mixer money can buy? This is not only one of the best digital audio mixers, but still widely regarded as one of the best audio mixers for live sound available today thanks to its intuitive presets, anti-feedback and room tuning wizards and its ability to support both Windows and Mac DAW recordings. It also The Tascam Model 24 can record up to 22 simultaneous tracks Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. only offer two channels for stereo recording and supports 24-bit/192kHz Thank you for your request. With a single connection, you can take control of your MGP console and make changes on the fly. This app works almost like a DAW and comes included with plus the low-cut. There’s also a bigger version which supports up to 20 This can be especially handy if you're using this mixer in the studio or want to record and save your live recordings. On the rest of the channels you only get a regular 3-band EQ Given the number of channels and pre-amps on offer here, the RCF M 20X Desktop Digital Mixer is especially great value considering its durable and portable nature. of channel strips. The Korg SoundLink MW 2408 Hybrid Mixer is at the tail end here as it actually combines analogue and digital functionality! cheaper, but it lacks the effects. mixer for live situations that will allow you to control it from anywhere in Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Note: They will be listed from cheapest to most expensive. more. However, it’s the D-Pre mic pre-amps that really set this mixer up as one of the best around. We think this is one of the best audio mixers due to the fact sound engineers aren’t stuck in one spot thanks to the iOS compatibility. The Presonus Studiolive AR mixers provide you with 16 This comes in handy if you are rehearsing with your band and Yamaha MG166C 16-Channel Mixing Board 10 Mic Input 3 Aux Busses w/ Compression

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