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They employ 3,400 full time employees who are based in Detroit in a 3.2 million sq. Given that energy is the most significant operating cost, the company developed an energy efficiency improvement strategy that identified ISO:50001 implementation as a tool for the development and standardisation of the operating process. Are Multi-Generational Businesses A Dying Breed? In order to achieve energy efficiency, the company gained accredited certification to ISO […], Map Ta Phut Olefins Company Limited (MOC), a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals, produces two main chemicals; ethylene and propylene. It is one of the leading South American companies in the production and commercialisation of PVC and CPVC piping’s and fittings for the construction and sewerage industries including tiles, covers, faucets, and solvent cement. While this cost seems much lower, you have to take into account the extra costs you will incur due to India’s significantly worse and more expensive transportation, power, and water costs. Although there are some regulatory hurdles, a similar system makes it easier to understand for people from other common law countries (like the US). I wanted to start a company that improved the local economy by creating job opportunities, and this is one of the main pros of manufacturing locally. Even if this isn’t your primary goal, it will open up a new market for you to take advantage of. I love getting to oversee every aspect of the process to guarantee a high standard of quality. Labor productivity is lower because of India’s lag in production planning, supply chain management, transportation, and maintenance. In addition, the cost of energy consumption for the production process is variable. During the past decade, the Indian economy focused on services rather than manufacturing. Globig is here to help with your business expansion needs around the world. its decision to set up a manufacturing plant in Bangalore. We'd love to help you launch & grow your business in new markets. In pursuit of this, India is focusing on the development of its infrastructure, increasing and/or tailoring its talent pool to the needs of the manufacturing industry, attracting investment through aggressive foreign direct investment initiatives, and increasing the ease of doing business through legal and tax reform. Make in India Campaign: The Make in India Campaign means the Indian government is putting a high priority and lots of attention on the manufacturing industry, including significant investment and development. Power is not generally available 24 hours per day, which can significantly decrease productivity and efficiency, and lower output rates. Manesar, Haryana (Chandigarh), located about an hour (driving) southwest of New Delhi, is another favored auto manufacturing hub. People like to buy a product with a story, a product that they know was made by hand and with attention to the smallest of details. A couple of years ago no one seemed to take notice of the process, cheaper was better and people weren’t willing to pay more for well-made items over their cheaper counterparts. With this supportive attitude, comes the aspect of encouraging local entrepreneurs to support their community, rather than importing from countries that mass manufacture. Despite being a relatively small business, it is a large user of energy, whether it be electricity, a company vehicle or the transport company used to deliver […], KMK Global Sports is a large producer sport shoes and sandals based in Indonesia. I came up with an idea, to design and create a pair of sunglasses that are unique and sustainable. The company also reduced PVC resin inspection and analysis time from four hours to 15 minutes by following […]. by Jessica Hoyt | Mar 8, 2017 | Asia Pacific, India, International Expansion, Manufacturing. Unlike China, India does not carry the stigma of poor quality production. I am not trying to exploit a trend, I actually care and consider the impact on the environment that every business decision has. The upside is that the Indian government recognizes this problem in infrastructure and is working to fix it. Many Indian factories are family-run and well-known for the care and transparency of their work and business dealings. We create hand crafted, sustainable wooden sunglasses. Campaign means the Indian government is putting a high priority and lots of attention on the manufacturing industry, including significant investment and development. Using local waste materials from other industries to make sunglasses also doesn’t require the shipment of raw materials across oceans. Chrysler saves over $2m with accredited certification (ISO 50001), US Manufacturer saves $700k per year with accredited EnMS, IBM plant cuts energy consumption by 9.2% and saves CAD$550,000 per year, Information Technology and Communications, Welding wire and manufacturing plant cuts energy consumption by 22%, US Defence Contractor saves $1m per year with ISO 50001, Toyota (South Africa) saves US$360k with ISO 50001, Producer of car parts saves US$333,000 with ISO 50001, 3M cuts energy costs by 15.2% with ISO 50001, 47% of sales linked to ISO 9001 certification, The positive economic impact of accredited certification for exporters (ISTAT, 2020), Ensuring Quality to Gain Access to Global Markets : A Reform Toolkit (the World Bank), The Missing Links In The Chains? With a passion to “see things differently”, I was determined to break down what people see as acceptable forms of production, I wanted to lead by example. The benefits and challenges discussed above should be considered and given the appropriate weight based on your business and manufacturing needs. At the core of every eyewood frame is a unique combination of recycled paper and off-cut timber, which are laminated together with a bio resin. On average, 1.2 million pairs of shoe and sandal are produced each month, with all of the finished product exported overseas. Manufacturing is one of the most data-intensive industries. India boasts a large engineer and factory worker population, respectable intellectual property protections, and easy access to English-speaking managers and executives. In 2009, the Indonesian Government issued a regulation about energy conservation (Government Regulation No. If you'd like to learn more, please take a look at our Privacy Policy. My vision is for Ballo to be an anti-fashion or ethical fashion brand- trying to educate consumers as a part of a slow-sales process. This isn’t really an option when you mass produce. Lincoln Electric sells diesel-driven DC […], General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office to implement an energy management system (EnMS) at a federal ammunition plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sustainability is not something I focus on for PR reasons, it’s something that I live and feel. Check out all the products and news online at or pop in to the store and try some on for yourself. The company manufactures an extensive range of electrical cables for application in power generation, transmission and distribution; infrastructure (rail, ports, and airports); petrochemical; mining as well as building and construction. Benefits of innovation for manufacturing business Power availability: Low power availability is a major drawback to manufacturing in India. Recognising rising energy costs, increasing energy use, and national energy efficiency regulation, the company adopted accredited certification to ISO 50001 […], Nippon Shokubai Indonesia (NSI) is an acrylic acid and esters manufacturing company. Hospet (Bangalore), located in south central India approximately five (driving) hours north of Bangalore, is a major steel and iron manufacturing hub. Accredited certification to ISO 50001 has enabled the business to achieve the following goals over the past 10 years: $37,000,000 in cost […], Catalyst Paper manufactures diverse paper products such as industrial packaging, food service, coated and uncoated groundwood, newsprint, directory, and market pulp. is the manufacturing hub for major healthcare, including pharma, and brewing companies. Accredited certification has achieved significant operational cost savings. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a boom in the growth of local business. China’s affordability makes overseas manufacturing ideal for the common business. The cost to implement the energy management […], The Bromont plant, located 80 kilometres east of Montréal, is IBM’s largest semiconductor assembly and testing facility and its only manufacturing plant in Canada. Even if this isn’t your primary goal, it will open up a new market for you to take advantage of. There are a number of benefits to manufacturing, including the creation of jobs and development of new technologies. It’s location and connectivity, on the outskirts of New Delhi, and consistent supply of resources have attracted big international companies such as Yamaha, Honda Siel Cars, and LG Electronics India. You get to know the faces behind the product and it gives your business a personality and a story to tell. Infrastructure reform is underway to increase its manufacturing power and capacity. Transportation is expensive and slow in India.

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