benefits of 99 names of allah hadith

Al-Baseer (The All – Seeing) Repeating for 100 times this name of Allah after routine prayer will give you improved eye sight and your inner heart will be illuminated with light. Allah (The Name of Allah) If the name of Allah is recited 1000 times daily, the ignorance, doubts and uncertainties will be removed from the mind and faith & determination will be bestowed upon. Secrets will be revealed to the person who recites this name frequently at night. Al-Jaami (The Gatherer) In order to bring back your scattered family members and other quarrelling relatives together, look in to the sky (Heaven) open your both hands upwards, close each finger of your hand and then recite this name for 10 times (each separately) Allah will bring back everything to harmony and normalcy. 53. 96. After the session I had gained a vista over the further directions regarding my future. Al-Waalee (The Governor) Continuous recitation of this name of Allah will protect you from all difficulties and miseries. I understood that at heart we all have the capacity to nurture and heal ourselves. Before starting a new taste, start reciting this name for absolute success. Al-Ra’oof (The Most Kind) If this name of Allah in repeated continuously, you will get the love, affection and consideration of all persons. The lack of mutual understanding was the real cause. Al-Fattaah (The Opener) Reciting this name of Allah for 70 time after keeping your both hands on your bosom, the power and light of God will appear in your heart. But. Allah (The Name of Allah) If the name of Allah is recited 1000 times daily, the ignorance, doubts and … Al-Saboor (The Patient One) Recitation of this name of Allah 100 times before sunrise daily, will make all your daily activities very successful effortless and easy. When, after my session with Dr.Purushothaman I realized what I was missing out on life. I had a very helpful and liberating session. 98. As for the 99 Beautiful Names mentioned in the hadith, they are distinguished by certain special virtue. 23. 26. Al-Maani (The Preventer of Harm) While lying in a bed, reciting this name of Allah 20 times will resolve and settle all your family problems and the conflict between you and your house will be removed and you will live in extreme love and affection always. 51. 85. Repeating this name 10 times after Chasht prayer and rubbing hands with face will no longer be dependent upon others. Al-Muhyee (The Giver of Life) If this name of Allah is recited repeatedly and blow on a sick person, he will be restored perfect health. And wonderful thing I experience was my stress was almost eradicated. I was ignoring my own capabilities and blaming luck for everything that went wrong in life. I understood the concept of mind reprogramming, Psychotechnology and healing techniques about which Dr. Purushothaman talks a lot. The reciter will feel the burden vanishing away from his heart. What I understand is that he is using some mind programing methods with quick effects. Al-Mubdi (The Originator) After placing your both hands on the abdomen of your pregnant wife, and if this name of Allah is repeated 99 times at the time of sehri, she will not have abortion or give birth to a premature child. Al-Maajid (The Glorious) Constant repetition of this name of Allah will make the person euphoric, exhilarated and he will enjoy full spiritual energy and strength. - Believe in them out of firm conviction; - Realize its meanings; Al-Mateen (The Firm) When a feeding mother’s breast is not having milk if after writing this name of a paper, soak in water and if she drinks it, she will start producing enough milk. An-Noor (The Light) Absolute Light and knowledge will appear in your heart, if this name is repeated 1001 times. It is very interesting that his approach is not at all the classical one. 21. thinking. The heart of reciter will be enlightened with the light of Nur. Reciting it many times will keep him safe from problems and difficulties. Reciting it one thousand (1000) times and blowing on … Really my married life was totally against my long cherished dream.

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