benchmade axis lock stiff

And I wanted to buy an American made product. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I put some oil on it and that didn’t help, and tried washing it out really good with soap and hot water and again no change. Nothing a little bit practice wouldn't overcome, but I can see where the complaints are coming from. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Love the knife its sexy and sharp, only thing I wish it had is a glass breaker or maybe a seatbelt cutter. I also Believe Spyderco won't send a replacement polymer cage either. The cage can break in some cases, and the pin which sticks out of the cage to go inside the spring can break if you try to take the knife apart. It makes a sort of metal on metal contact sound when opening and closing. Very cool looking. The axis lock is a little bit easier to use. I've said enough about the Benchmade proprietary Axis Lock in other reviews, you can find some more info in my McHenry and Williams 710 and Osborne 940 reviews, plus check the Benchmade website for more information. Axis locks are easier to unlock, expecially with one hand. Bought from and had to have it immediately..... so I payed a little extra for overnight shipping. The blade and axis lock were "grinding". The BBL/CBBL has a coil spring which offers more resistance when unlocking but feels really solid. I mean really, really stuck. Axis all day long. First benchmade for me, love the fit and finish, yes its expensive, but you dont have to buy it if you dont wanna! An alternative to r/knives. Making it thicker won't make the knife necessarily stronger, but reinforcing the liners in that area will. The AXIS lock is extolled by many knife enthusiasts for its one-handed operation, strength, and ambidexterity, qualities some say are not shared by other knife locks such as the linerlock , framelock , or lockback. The high-strength CPM-M4 blade is designed for hard use, pushing the limits of what the already tough Freek was meant to do. They look like they are similar. As a side note, I don't like the ceramic ball that CRK uses for a similar reason, but because of a different result. In terms of strength they are theoretically the same. Sounds like you need to adjust the pivot my man. I close it like my axis lock knives and it works just fine. Even if you didn't mean to you still pulled the trigger. Hit it a few times on a leather strop with sharpening compound and it is as sharp as the day I bought it. Stay on point with the latest products, offers and more! Back to the subject on hand, the bar that the axis lock uses contacts a larger area and spreads the force out. My first Benchmade. They are equally as strong as far as 99% of end users are concerned. The only thing I would change is a switch to a deep carry clip. Locked up fine, but the blade retention was a lot weaker. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I couldn't resist the cool G10 scales, M4 blade, and red barrel spacers. The pivot screw was torqued much too hard. I have several Benchmades with the Axis lock and I was wondering how the Spyderco ball bearing lock compares. Came stiff but with a little play it loosened right up. The only way to unlock the blade, other than killing my fingers pulling it back, is to push the axis lock from right to left, causing the axis bar to move slightly. I added a drop of oil and it is breaking in nicely. The only thing I would change is a switch to a deep carry clip. I love the M4 steel. The weak points in the cbbl is the polymer cage. The CBBL feels smoother when opening, but disengaging is much stiffer and not as good. I used the knife daily and it still would shave am hair. No. Form and function in the same package. Usability is something I can't comment on too much since I own knives with the axis lock and don't with the CBBL (yet). It came perfectly tuned, blade is centered exactly. I have experienced this on my 940. It seems like all of a sudden the axis lock is “grinding” against the blade causing the action to be very stiff. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Luckily there are two of them and the lock only needs one to work. Clean it, ensure there is no oil where the axis lock contacts the tang, and allow it to break in. 2 results Press J to jump to the feed. Specifications: My second benchmade and absolutely my favorite. It has also been the only of my numerous Benchmade knives to have any sort of lock-stick level 1 Also, Benchmade last time I checked won't send replacement omega springs. level 2 Stick them in the same design and the difference should be negligible. It's been almost a year with my well-loved manix. Since I carry an axis lock knife regularly I can say that they do wear fairly evenly across the locking surface on the blade tang. The locking bar is usually fine. It will still be stiff after the cleaning, but will get better. Of course you shouldn't baton with your folder with the lock engaged, but we've all seen the Crocket20 video he did for Bladehq. Benchmade 560 / 565 Freek Folding Knives From combat to survival, we view the Freek is a do-it-all knife, like the Griptilian, with Benchmade's patented AXIS lock and a very competitive price point. Yup it's flying open and closed now! After learning what g-10 was and how it was made, I was even more impressed. IMO it's not even close, and I love Spyderco as a company. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The gray and black layered G10 is milled to provide excellent grip and style, while the red G10 base layer and anodized aluminum barrel spacers bring an additional pop of color to the handles. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The weak point of the axis lock is the omega springs. This is my fourth Benchmade and my all-time favorite.Its very comfortable in the hand extremely well-built and relatively light for it size.

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