basic computer terminology pdf

abbreviation HDD means "hard disk drive". Instructions in ROM remain intact when the power is off. They are smaller too, making them more portable (and prone to being lost). printing. retrieve it later. DVD-RW: Digital Versatile Disk – Rewritable. H��W]o�:��D� QE��zL�{w���m.X䅑[IԊRS����rl)�nEڢ�1s�3��gyH�8Ҙ������݆�}�=$4��ήÀ�0�qA�����,�J���ˎ�ˮ.U�����댲�,���ga?�Eb��v,M`J�xL�O�E��nNų &���I�'ɓ�="�N�o=0C|�)�< COBOL: Common Business – Oriented Language. The Monitor or VDU ("visual display unit") provides a temporary way of outputting text or graphics. is only recommended for advanced users and only after all other avenues of repair are explored. Web. RDBMS: Relation Database Management System. A computer is a device that executes a program or programs. BIT: A Binary Digit. //-->. ROM-DOS: Read Only Memory-Disk Operating System. �8�)�����#�y��;�֛=��[�}�V;}����6.4�ˌ۟xk���=<61N9�ӵ���E���;����%6�4� wɽ)

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