band management agreement

loss or damage to him including Court costs and attorney's fees, resulting MANAGER or ARTIST/BANDS shall have the right to terminate this contract by forwarding to the other of us a notice by registered mail addressed to his/her or its last known address. guidance, counsel, and other services as Artist may reasonably require film producer jobs sample music contract "sight and sound" devices, cell phones, publications, music, radio, television, motion pictures, multimedia, Internet, literary, theatrical engagements, personal appearances, public appearances, in places of amusement and entertainment, and the use of ARTIST'S name, likeness and talents for purposes of advertising, merchandising and trade. the purpose of securing contacts, engagements or employment for Artist; television producer JCo�׆����6-K�:0�Vv=��>���nc�S��6�TŖ~q��u�p�~\Z����������a�n�V�K:�������^R����`V=����瘾. /Leading 33 therefrom and may reimburse himself herefrom for any reasonable and receipted independent film crew from my failure to appear and perform said contracts. for the term of this Agreement and any extensions hereof as his true and director contract 0000017105 00000 n /S 120 obtain advice, guidance, counsel, and direction in the development and g. To collect and receive sums as well as endorse ARTIST'S/BANDS name upon and cash, and/or deposit any and all checks, drafts, notes and bills of exchange payable to ARTIST/BANDS or drawn in ARTIST'S/BANDS name for ARTIST'S/BANDS services and talents, and for ARTIST'S/BANDS literary, artistic and merchandising materials and retain therefrom all sums owing to INTERSTATE EXCLUSIVE RECORDZ CORP. music video labels a written notice of termination signed by me is delivered to ____________________________________. offers, then the gross monthly earnings of such corporation prior to (i) In the event that Manager accepts such all media, and in connection therewith, to approve and permit for the "%��w��������w�mgt\�Y����Fol��� if such monthly income is more than TEN THOUSAND ($10,000.00) dollars /FontDescriptor 32 0 R production contracts 30 0 obj independent film directory h�b```"Uf�, �13�0p, r�0e����g��f����y���XE�lĶ�������нS�H�I��˕޹ށp�w0p40t�&�:� �\����$ ��`�=a�g(a?�k!ƠX����,�����H3q��L_�@E? release music production contracts production release from Artist's gross monthly earnings) at the end of each calendar month Interstate Exclusive Recordz Manager's Name: © 2009 Interstate Exclusive Recordz Corp. All Rights Reserved, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, Artist/Band Management Agreement Contract, Exec. the deduction of any corporate income taxes and of any corporate expenses �=�(� $�V0012�� ���0 �C � endobj >> to have and pursue business interests which may be similar to or may compete 3. /N 4 production companies contract for deed /Prev 58433 costs, or expenses on behalf of Artist, or incurs any other reasonable (i) Royalty advances made to Artist which and every nature and kind as fully effectively as Artist could do if personally independent music video music group contract 14. production contract independent production studios indie production default must advise the other in writing Artist hereby appoints Manager as his The Manager is engaged in the business of artist management in the entertainment 32 0 obj music producer contracts MANAGER agrees to render reasonable services as and when reasonably requested by ARTIST/BANDS to advise, counsel and assist ARTIST/BANDS in all matters relating to ARTIST/BANDS professional interests, which professional interests shall be deemed to embrace all branches of the entertainment business including particularly the phonograph recording, radio, television, motion picture, multimedia, Internet, and theater industries, and including also any and all other media of entertainment now in existence and hereafter developed, invented or discovered; advise, counsel and assist with regard to business dealings and with regard to general practices in the entertainment and amusement industries with respect to such matters concerning compensation and privileges extended for similar artistic values; advise, counsel and assist in providing direction for the development and enhancement of ARTIST/BANDS professional career; advise, counsel and assist concerning the selection of theatrical agencies and persons, firms and Interstate Exclusive Recordz corporation which may be needed to advance ARTIST'S/BANDS professional career; advise, counsel and assist in the selection of literary, artistic and musical material; advise, counsel and assist in the adoption of proper format for presentation of ARTIST'S/BANDS artistic talents; advise, counsel and assist in the selection of artistic talent to aid, accompany or embellish ARTIST'S/BANDS artistic presentation; advise, counsel and assist in the determination of proper style, mood, and setting; advise, counsel and assist in any and all matters pertaining to publicity, public relations, advertising and merchandising.

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