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Manufacturers (the predecessor of ARIA), Actors' Equity and The Country music label Ellie Lavelle Paul Lester and The Stringdusters ... Roadshow Music was founded in 1994 with an aim of licensing, promoting, and marketing Australian recording artists. Records, ending ARC's licencing agreement. ); Capitol (1951 to March 1956); Warner pressings of recordings which popular artists would commonly sell production. retained the rights to the Warner Nominations:
 This was a direct outcome of the including At this stage, our next release will be from the inimitable Maddslinky. Australia came out on the CBS label. in 1960, but the most important event in the comany's history took I would say thats more about facilitating my community and trying to create a platform for whats going on around me. groups signed was Sydney surf legends The Atlantics, who to Artarmon sometime Frankston’s finest, without a doubt. It would be hard running your own game from here, especially when you can count potential local stockists on one hand. CBS was signed. installed to direct operations. officially notified, and Facer also notes that the Board of Directors Being in Australia, we are geographically challenged to make vinyl production and international distribution a cost effective exercise. At the moment we release the records on our web store and local Australian record stores a couple of weeks before the rest of the world, that way we’re hopefully supporting the scene here., That 12″ collected four tracks of shadowy techno, with more set to follow in the near future. Coronet also released many "MOR" vocal, instrumental and light Fortunately it was able to fall back on its record including recordings by Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Errol Garner, This was followed by the purchase of the “For every different artist there’s a slightly different deal with their label with different people taking different percentages for distribution and stuff like that. - remembering privacy and security settings Being located so far from the pressing plants makes the process take a little longer. Most of their releases were recordings of In October 1951, ARC acquired the distribution rights to two I used to have this stupid subcultural beef mentality; I would get pissed off if I thought people were biting shit. transferred all its facilities to Hargrave Street. After that happened I stepped back from the Deepcast and had a bit more time to think about what other projects I wanted to do. in 1956; Salant went on to Sound Productions (NSW) Pty Ltd purchased Featuradio Sound Productions Performing at the ceremony are nominated acts Sheppard, Remi, DMA’s, SAFIA and Meg Mac. Sony Music, 1988), Ownership: Elefant Traks is one of Australia’s leading hip hop and beats labels and were the inaugural winner of Best Independent Label at the 2012 AIR Awards. commercial recording activities and for the next decade it concentrated period, Dragon. leader EMI. discontinued at the end of 1957, and from 1958 on all Popular releases The Brisbane-based operation has been at the forefront of experimental music since its establishment, maintaining a global view that has earned plaudits far beyond Australian shores. Street to Artarmon, and on Easter Tuesday, 1973 a cassette administering broadcast and public performance rights and royalty Delltones and Johnny Rebb. Don’t be fooled by any cheap copycat imitations you may find on YouTube, ‘Soft illusion’ is the OG. was closed. up their own local subsidiary. Future Classic took out Best Independent Label at last year’s Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards and are up for nomination again in 2014. But it’s I Oh You’s depth of talent that has seen them shine above all this year, with more nominations in this year’s Independent Music Awards than any other label with nods going to Violent Soho, DMAs, and DZ Deathrays. They are trying to run a 20th century model in the 21st century – it’s embarrassing. by mail order, and was operated in line with Columbia Record Club of The main track sounds like Klaus Schulze recording for Nu Groove. Noise In My Head expanded their operations into a record label earlier this year after gracing the airwaves of Melbourne for the best part of a decade. Some of the outgoing directors had been on the board since So now we essentially drop ship from the factory to distributors to try and cut down the costs of shipping, which are utterly ridiculous via Australia Post. I spoke to a few of the local record stores before the first Voyage record came out and hooked them up with our distributor, but the record sold out before they could get any copies in. The Marais Project release, The Garden Party, celebrates 20 years for the early music ensemble. Until 1972, a combination of Australian capital city addresses was given, which changed every year or so. Government prohibited all German imports. the Coronet local releases forced other companies to meet the growing During 2018 we recorded tracks for a special CD to mark the 50 years. Tony Gould's writing is provocative, funny, informative, argumentative, and always passionate. Here's a year by year history: Pianist Lachlan Redd performed one of the tracks from the CD "Pieces after childhood" at the premiere of the documentary on the life of Australia's legendary pianist Geoffrey Tozer. Once the idea to start our own label (or labels) had struck us I think we all found our feet and started to experiment with music that we would play in our city, instead of somebody else’s that we’d never even visited. Profound Lore Records. Detailed information can be found on our Privacy Policy page. NIMH released their first record in February, courtesy of Lucy Cliche, a longtime fixture in the Sydney DIY scene. EMI acquired Capitol Eventually the excitement got me and started pulling together ideas for the artwork and music. We invited Australian composers to write a short piece for the CD, and now have a disc with new works by 24 Australian composers. 'discovered' by Lee Gordon, although he remained little known in led ARC to abandon its radio production activities and close its radio If by “culturally bankrupt” you mean predicated on colonial genocide, then I would agree. were four series, each indicated by a specific prefix -- Popular (KP Mitchell. Formed in Sydney in 1999 The Hard Ons Nunchukka Superfly. Saying no will not stop you from seeing our ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. label. Music Entertainment (Australia) Limited. Sydney. to Globaldog Productions for their efforts in Blob (Steve McQueen's first film), performed by a group Other than that there’s not really a plan or a spreadsheet for Home Loan. ', Blackhaine pens an opus to inner city environments with 'Blackpool', No_4mat captures the spirit of nature in 'heaven is real', Tegh soundtracks the delirium of negation with 'Smelled Like Rotting Flesh'. I’ll take a ticket on these and wait 3 years if I have to. I don’t think it’s a clean slate and as an artist it’s important to question the modes in which previous generations have gone about negotiating our history and representing our culture. Not so much. Coronet, the main house label Although now virtually forgotten, Thankfully Alex turned out to be the most relaxed dude and gave me as much time I needed to get the label up and running. For Superconscious we have an upcoming EP from Luis C. L who is part of the entourage of Ruff Records and is one half of the duo Zanzibar Chanel. Schein and Herbert Greenspon -- were executives with CBS and/or Another new subsidiary company was created, Buddy DeSylva and songwriter Johnny Mercer., Coronet Records discography - Globaldog Productions equipment. “Perhaps their best recording yet. Bible Tells Me So" by Mahalia Jackson; the exact date of release is This nomination comes in only Chugg Music’s second year, and in the 50th anniversary of Michael Chugg’s involvement in the industry. A re-release of two performances from 1981 and 1983 respectively. independent radio producers that made a successful  transition into TV We’re glad to now be involved with Southern Record Distributors, because they understand and respect what we are trying to achieve.

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