application of technology in education

The result is the efficient handling, processing, co-ordination and administration of company resources, which is decisive for the competitiveness of the company.In a society which is becoming increasingly dependent on information and the processing of knowledge, great demands are therefore made that the individual should have a solid and broad educational foundation on which to build. The use of technology in education has removed educational boundaries, both students and teachers can collaborate in real time using advanced educational technologies. Through online discussion forums, students can share knowledge, engage in intellectual debates and generally learn from one another. Technology for Learning and Teaching: Empowers educators to efficiently personalize learning with access to data, content and the cloud. Researchers have found that, other conditions being equal, more information is taken in if it is received simultaneously in two modalities (vision and hearing, for example) rather than in a single modality. Furthermore, learning is enhanced when material is organized and that organization is evident to the student. In addition, it appeals to organizers of professional and business education, providing an incentive to rethink the most effective way of communicating vital information. A delay in learning language may cause a deaf child's academic progress to be slower than that of hearing children. Failure of acoustic sensory input during this period results in failure of formation of synaptic connections and, possibly, an irremediable situation for the child. multiple communication channels-e-mail,chat,forum,blogs,etc. This page has been accessed 567,860 times. INTRODUCTION Distance Learning, method of learning at a distance rather than in a classroom. better accesses to children with disabilities, Better accesses to children with disabilities, IT qualifications are developed by means of their integration in all activities in the education sector and. Efficient postal systems, the telephone (fixed and mobile), and various recording and playback systems based on computer technology all have a part to play in educational broadcasting in the new millennium. Audio-Visual Education, planning, preparation, and use of devices and materials that involve sight, sound, or both, for educational purposes. As part of the IT curriculum, learners are encouraged to regard computers as tools to be used in all aspects of their studies. Now with this vivid and vast technique as part of the IT curriculum, learners are encouraged to regard computers as tools to be used in all aspects of their studies. Information technology, while an important area of study in its own right, is having a major impact across all curriculum areas. IT aids plenty of resources to enhance the teaching skills and learning ability. New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning, and the way education is managed. Among the devices used are still and motion pictures, filmstrips, television, transparencies, audiotapes, records, … Thanks to the application of technology, living has changed and it has changed for better. Technology has helped in the growth of mobile learning and long distance learning. We can get plenty of data on this online library. For example, the traditional office, with secretaries working at keyboards and notes being written on paper and manually exchanged, has remained remarkably stable, even if personal computers have replaced typewriters. Audio-Visual Education, planning, preparation, and use of devices and materials that involve sight, sound, or both, for educational purposes. They can facilitate perception of the most important features, can be carefully organized, and can require the student to use more than one modality. Up-to-date qualifications in the information society. The pace of change brought about by new technologies has had a significant effect on the way people live, work, and play worldwide. A powerful incentive has been reduced costs per student. The importance of … The information and data which are available on the net is purely correct and up to date. Already, new and greater demands are being made as to the core qualifications of individuals, as well as to their understanding and knowledge of the consequences of the introduction of information technology for the work and organisation of a company. Both students and teachers use Information technology to acquire and exchange educational material. This requires them to select the medium best suited to conveying their message, to structure information in a hierarchical manner, and to link together information to produce a multidimensional document. The information society challenges the education system. Now in the year of computers and web networks the pace of imparting knowledge is very very fast and one can be educated anywhere at any time. Companies are no longer forced to gather all their functions in one place. Easy worldwide communication provides instant access to a vast array of data, challenging assimilation and assessment skills. Late 20th-century communications technologies, in their most recent phases multimedia and interactive, open up new possibilities, both individual and institutional, for an unprecedented expansion of home-based learning, much of it part-time. Rapid communication, plus increased access to IT in the home, at work, and in educational establishments, could mean that learning becomes a truly lifelong activity—an activity in which the pace of technological change forces constant evaluation of the learning process itself. Pupils must become familiar with the use of information technology, since all jobs in the society of the future will be dependent on it, and information technology must be used in teaching in order to improve its quality and make it more effective.

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