application of gene cloning

DNA cloning is used in several applications. A particular gene can be isolated and its nucleotide sequence determined 2. Genome Sequencing and studying Human genes. Applications of Gene Cloning. Cutting and Pasting DNA: A restriction enzyme that recognises a specific target sequence of DNA cuts it into two pieces at or near that site. The cloned gene can be used for many research purposes like detection of diseases, gene therapy and other medical applications. For this purpose, gene of interest is inserted into the bacterial cell which acts as a host. insulin production, insect resistance, etc. The techniques are continually being refined and simplified; therefore, many strategies nowadays permit cloning of sequences of interest from their sources more efficiently. Cloning applications and methodologies. In most cases isolated genes or cells are duplicated for scientific study, and no new animal results. gene defects related to specific diseases Organisms can be ‘engineered’ for specific purposes, e.g. Golden Rice . Cloning methods rely on molecular biological processes that occur in nature. Mutations can be identified, e.g. Different genes for the treatment of diseases like cystic fibrosis and many other diseases like this can be synthesized. The sheep experiment was different; it used a cloning technique called "somatic Friendly Insecticides Bacillusthuringiensisbacteria produce a protein toxin that kills insect larvae pests and is 80,000 times more toxic than the … For example, let's see how DNA cloning is utilised to synthesise a protein (such as human insulin) in bacteria. The basic gene cloning steps are: 1. This type of cloning, using genes and cells, has led to many medical advances such as providing insulin to treat diabetes and therapies for hemophilia. Salty Soil Arabidopsis thaliana 4XSalt. Control sequences of DNA can be identified & analyzed 3. Method of gene cloning provides opportunity to the scientists to study the structure and function of genes in detail. 1. Applications of gene cloning Medicinal application: Gene cloning plays an important role in the synthesis of vitamins, hormones and antibiotics. Protein/enzyme/RNA function can be investigated 4.

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