application of biotechnology in medicine upsc

This is an all-encompassing directive – you have to debate on paper by going through the details of the issues concerned by examining each one of them. The Therapeutic proteins have a greater effect against a variety of non-communicable diseases, which was responsible for over 50-60% of deaths in developing countries. There are many advantages of genetic engineering to agricultural biotechnology in agriculture: Applications of Biotechnology in Food Processing: Biotechnology application to food processing in developing countries make use of microbial inoculants to enhance properties such as the taste, aroma, shelf-life, texture and nutritional value of foods. 6) Discuss the diverse applications of Biotechnology in India and analyse its growth potential with reference to initiatives taken by the government in this direction. Genetic Engineering is perhaps the important arena among all sciences which biotechnological projects are used and deal with numerous problems. The process of this reproduction is well understood by having good knowledge of embryology. In gene therapy, the treatment involves manipulating genes and correcting defecting genes. It guides you through the entire gambit of the IAS exam starting with notification, eligibility, syllabus, tips, quiz, notes and current affairs. White Biotechnology Gene therapy is that subdivision of red biotechnology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases and some other diseases like cancer. Transgenic peppers and melons with improved flavour are currently in field trials. This biotechnology application is very important in healthcare because it allows for the mass production of safe and more effective medicines. DOES INDIA NEED MORE MISSILES OR MORE INDUSTRIES. Fluorescent biosensors play a vital role in drug discovery and in cancer. Can online schooling be the future of education? Flavour can be changed by enhancing the activity of plant enzymes that transform aroma precursors into flavouring compounds. b) A promising biosensor technology for urinary tract infection (UTI) diagnosis along with pathogen identification and anti-microbial susceptibility is under study. a) Glucose biosensors are widely used in clinical applications for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, which requires precise control over blood-glucose levels. From time to time, farmers discovered many plant varieties and they progressively became proficient at upbringing specific plant varieties to obtain desired qualities such as disease resistance, better taste and higher yield. Biotechnology offers new possibilities in the design and production of drugs and how they can be adapted to each individual and their genetic makeup. Current Affairs Magazine. These high value products are increasingly produced in more technologically advanced developing countries for use in their food and non-food processing applications. Conclude with pros and cons and how the pros should outweigh the cons of the technology. Technologies applied in the processing of food must assure the quality and safety of the final product. The sequence of genes on an organism's DNA is responsible for the individual traits of that organism. Biotechnology has vital role in highly advanced and technically evolving period of human history and it gives promising results. Biotechnology is skilful use of biological agents to benefit humans. Nucleic acid-based sensing systems are more sensitive than antibody-based detection methods as they provide gene-based specificity, without utilizing amplification steps to attain detection sensitivity to the required levels. Recombinant gene technology, the best-known modern biotechnology, is broadly used in research and development for strain improvement. According to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use. How does it play a key role to be an enabler of transparency and democracy? The application of biotechnology in the medical field began long back from the time of discovery of insulin.Long gone are the days when a genetic disorder could incapacitate or render a person handicapped. Methods applied in the assurance of food safety focus on the detection and monitoring of hazards whether biological, chemical or physical. The use of biotechnology in the area of medicine is also called red biotechnology. Currently, this technology has reached to a stage where scientists can take one or more specific genes from nearly any organism, including plants, animals, bacteria, or viruses, and introduce those genes into another organism.

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