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We’re making them from scratch and using dried apples. You can try to search for a whole wheat or other flour pie crust recipe alternative. Hearts for Home | Apron Strings & Other Things Smile. Your email address will not be published. Oh well, off to slaughter another tin of unsweetened pie apples, hope they’ll turn out nice for Sunday tea! Bake for about 28-32 minutes or until they’re golden brown on top and around the edges. I’ve been struggling with Vertigo for well over a year now, so haven’t been able to get out and do any fishing. Serve warm or at room temperature. Although, personally we prefer homemade pie crust. And of course they must be cooked in the lard as well! Notice I’m not placing it exactly in the center of the dough, but to one side of it. Thank you for sharing. But we’ve got home bakers covered, too. Yes, I would like to receive emails from A Farmgirl's Kitchen. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When you notice the bottom edge turning brown, use a spatula to gently flip the hand pie over. Love everything she does. Let cool to room temperature. The dough should be as thin as it can be without tearing. Remember these little pies are freezer friendly. With pastry blender, cut in shortening until particles are pea-sized. And the smell of a freshly baked apple pie that filled the house?! I bet the ones your Mom cooked were delicious. I don’t suggest anything smaller than 3 inches in diameter because you can’t fit much filling in a pie that small. Thank you! Apple Hand Pies are an easy and fun fall dessert recipe that’s loaded with a thick spiced apple filling and can be topped with sugar or a glaze for a delicious finish!. It’s greatly appreciated. These came out amazing given that I am not much of a pie maker/baker and never really was brave enough to attempt a pie. Hi Liz! So flaky – I agree about the lard. Smile. You could also make these with the apple pie filling in the can, or even dice up some fresh apples, whichever you prefer. For the filling: Stir together the apples and cider in a medium saucepan. They are an old-fashioned tradition here in the South. Thank you in advance for sharing. A Little R & R Wednesday Linky Party | A Little R & R North Carolina Pie Series: Grape Hull Pie. About 350F degrees. Be Blessed!!! Cape Malays are the descendants of slaves and servants brought here from the East Indies in the 1600s and 1700s and a lot of our local traditional recipes are based on what they cooked for their masters. PLEASE SEE MY. Do you remember homemade dinners and desserts your grandma used to make? Hi Jessica! How cool is that? Homemade apple hand pies with buttery flaky pie crust and a juicy cinnamon apple pie filling! She is also editor and co-founder of BeBetsy. 2 cups unfiltered apple cider I appreciate your visits and your support. Bring to a boil over medium heat, reduce the heat, and simmer until the apples have absorbed all of the water and collapsed into very thick, chunky applesauce, about 1 hour. Fry until they are brown on both sides, about 3-4 minutes. Bake them hot like you would a double crust pie until browned. Transfer the cooked pies to the rack. Hi Kathy, Thank you for sharing your memories of the hand pies with us. My grandmother used to make hand pies like this as well. For the sauce I used what we call “soetmelk” (that means sweet milk), a local Dutch-style cheese – Cheddar or Jack is a bit too strong and will overpower the taste of the delicately flavoured leeks. I love potatoes as well. Roll out your biscuit dough or pie crust on a lightly floured surface, into 4-6 inch ovals, about ⅛-1/4-inch thick. So glad you enjoyed them! Place the dehydrated apple slices in a large mixing bowl. I would suggest everything you said, freezing, wrapped individually. We had basket after basket of our Anna Apples this year. We collected 10 of our favorite galleries and craft shops across the state for local, handmade treasures that you can’t find anywhere else. Gently knead the dough against the side of the bowl to pick up the flour.) Erma, Is that right? A couple turned their passion for agriculture and love of North Carolina into Mike's Farm, a holiday destination for families across the state. “I have no idea!” he laughs. ★☆ Hope to see you there! Hi Angela, so happy you enjoyed these! Thanks for the recipe. Hi Sally, All of your recipes are Aaamazing; please keep them coming :-). Good for eating right away and even better for making the old fashion AppleJacks! You can test if the oil is hot enough by sprinkling a tiny bit of flour off of your fingers into the center of the oil. Were they good? Wishing you good health. Can be served warm, room temperature, or cold and honestly taste great each way. I enjoyed watching my dad make them, and enjoyed eating them once he finished. Step 4: Place uncooked pies on a half-sheet pan which is lined with parchment paper. Hi Sally, I just bake them with butter pie crust recipe and it taste really great! If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, you may be familiar with my annual July 4th tradition. PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. I notice unbaked pies can only be frozen for 3 days. Join the community on the 1st of every month as we tackle a new challenge recipe.Review Sally's Baking Challenge FAQ page if you have any questions.

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