ao smith proline water heater pilot light

Some gas tankless water heaters use a pilot light, while others have electronic ignition. is a participant in the Amazon My recommendation is to check what is happening inside the combustion chamber if the sight window is present. I finally traced the problem to the fact that I have an "all-house-fan" which pumps a high volume air from the house into the attic. Our engineering facilities, labs, robust testing procedures, and protective coatings and electronics division deliver the highest quality and advanced designs for water heating. Receive the latest product and company news. Please help, can someone explain me how to troubleshoot my newly installed water heater and prevent the future problems. I did the following: A. O. Smith subsidiaries are responsible for designing, engineering and fabricating many of the residential and commercial components used in its water heaters. Increase hot water storage with bare, insulated or custom tanks. Proven technology and exceptional reliability. I would keep lighting the pilot manually to get hot water when needed. The air needed by the burner is supplied by the room where the water heater is installed. It’s no surprise that we’ve built a global reputation for water heating innovation. Alex Cotic - Professor, Gas Technician Program at Georgian College. A. O. Smith heaters provide us with an excellent training tool for our students, enabling them to practice their skills on state-of-the-art equipment. The system is equipped with a built-in LED fault light and audible alarm to notify users of defects the system and help provide peace of mind. Whether its meeting the high demands of a commercial environment or the needs of today's modern home A. O. Smith has the right water heater. I have taken very good care of them, I flush them once a year, change the anode rods as needed, keep them clean, check for backdrafting, etc. GCV 50 300 hot water heater, pilot light goes out all the time. All rights They have a variety of model numbers and sizes whether gas or electric, tank or tankless so I have used them in many different projects ranging from offices, residential homes, and restaurants. Shop by Popular Models. It’s a small blue flame that burns petroleum gas to produce heat. Smith hot water heater that talks back with sizzling or rumbling sounds could have sediment buildup inside the tank. A.O. Occasionally, the pilot light on your A.O. Check the Pilot Light. Easy to install and can be located almost anywhere in your home. Product Support Looking for out of production models? As a leader, we refuse to sit quietly. Back To Product Literature Instruction Manuals Commercial Gas Commercial Electric Commercial Heat Pump Commercial Tankless Commercial Oil Fired Commercial Boilers Pump & Expansio It's easy to do. Commercial-grade quality comes second nature to A. O. Smith thanks to its vertically integrated manufacturing approach. sites. The ProLine 400/401 Series gas water heater is designed to deliver an economical performance that can lower your energy bills and also provide long-lasting value. Hire a technician The surge of air through the water heater vent was sufficient to blow out the pilot. Last week one of them had a pilot light out and wouldn't relight. The house being quite air tight, the big in-rush of air as the fan started up caused a large drop in air pressure to occur throughout the house which depended on the water heater vent for equalization. Anywhere hot water is needed, A. O. Smith can provide an energy-efficient solution with maximum value. Through an inspired blend of innovation, efficiency and over 140 years of expertise, A. O. Smith continues to set the industry standard for performance and quality of water heaters and storage tanks. ECS40100 FPCR50260E GCNH30100 GCNH50100 GCV30 GCV40. OWNER ONLY. Virtually endless hot water in a space saving design. I was told it is not included in the recall, however, when I check the serial number it seems to match. I, too, had a problem with the pilot light going out now and then on my AO Smith gas water heater. The Pilot Light is the heart of your water heater. ProLine ® and ProLine ® Master models are residential water heaters with commercial-grade quality; Thermopile design provides robust pilot to withstand down drafts and environmental conditions When troubleshooting lighting problems, it is recommended to test it first. Compatible with indoor water heaters of up to 50 gallons or less than 10 years old and containing a dedicated sacrificial anode, the powered anode system provides continual responsive protection over time. I relit it, but its been over an hour and still no hot water. Simply click here to return to Troubleshooting. Instruction Manuals Commercial Gas Series Model Manual Conservationist® Light Duty Power Direct Vent Series 200 BPD 75 186446 001 Conservationist BTP 139 BTP 199 BTP 270 BTP 370 195091 000 Conservationist Series 110 111 BTN 80 BTN 100 197478 000 A. O. Smith ... VF™ High Efficiency Commercial Water Heater ... AO Smith ©2018, A. O. Smith. The water heater uses the piezo igniter to light the main gas burner, and when it is pressed down, it releases the electric spark. The SUN-120 Solar Booster water heater is from the line of solar water heaters by A.O. First, check that the pilot light has indeed gone out by removing the access panel at the bottom of your tank water heater. When cold water enters the tank, the temperature sensor on the gas control tells the main gas valve to open. On the contrary, it usually develops with many older water heaters. It is in my laundry room next to the furnace. But the pilot light going out is not an uncommon problem. The pilot ignites the water heater’s gas burner. Shop by AO Smith Water Heater Parts. Virtually endless hot water in a space saving design. How? Franklin Nguyen B.Eng, EIT - Mechanical Designer. This allows A. O. Smith to inegrate co… How? by Zara Light, medium and heavy-duty models in a variety of configurations. Home | Sitemap | What's new | Privacy | Disclaimer | Contact, Copyright. Our local plumber installed an American Pro Line Water Heater in October 2010. An A.O. So here are a few common reasons which could be the culprits for your pilot light going out. Specialty Gas Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to Always check to see if you can smell any lingering natural gas in the air before attempting to light the pilot light on the A.O.

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