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Usually, the older the chair, the more it is worth. The earliest form of antique chairs or seating, was simple benches or stools seen in medieval times; unless you were wealthy then the master of the house would have the odd grand designed large period chair as this was a symbol of rank and position. Circa 1920 means close to the year 1920. Shop now. The average value of antique rocking chairs can be anywhere from $300 to $500. The earliest examples have comb backs, plain turned splayed legs, and no stretchers. Check the value of your old furniture before selling or donating these potentially valuable items. The condition of the upholstery is also important, as is if the chair has been restored at any point. C $1,302.11 shipping. Cabriole legs suggest a date between 1740 and 1770. Love early Black Friday deals. Something went wrong. The hooped back was introduced ca 1740 on-wards and the wheel splat around 1790. Research Morris chairs. The one trouble you may have when browsing our extensive selection of antique style chairs is which one to choose as there are so many beautiful ones available! With such a wide variety of antique chairs available you are sure to find something that suits both your taste and your budget. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Shop by Style, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Shop by Type. New designs started to appear at in the early 18th century. C $1,562.53 shipping. Their sturdy construction and great style often make them highly attractive in many situations, including living rooms, dining rooms, and home offices. The Period country oak settle was a good old piece of country furniture with a cushioned seat, slatted oak boards, the most desirable with a high back and unusual examples have curved backs. 1,511 . If all else fails and you just aren’t confident of the item’s value, you can consult a professional antique … View cart for details. Chairs are often highly representative of the furniture style that was popular when their artisans made them. Chairs that are structurally sound usually carry a higher value. Before you start looking for stylish antique chairs for sale on eBay, learn a little about them. You can browse through the furniture by manufacturer name or the type of piece to get an idea of its value. From the comfort of your home you can browse antique chairs UK wide, as well as from other countries, safe in the knowledge that all the dealers on our website are highly reputable and must pass stringent checks to sell their products. Antique chairs made between 1900 and 1950 may be perfect for your home or office. After 1837, the Victorian period continued until the early 20th century. When you browse websites like eBay, you will find many options that are available in a wide price range. Carving was limited to the top rail and splat, with motifs in Greek architectural decoration and woods such as rosewood with brass inlay. Traditional Georgian chairs had fine quality wooden timbers such as oak, walnut and mahogany. If you purchase from a dealer of vintage chairs in London, or anywhere else in the country, and you live close by you can also usually arrange to collect directly from the dealer’s location. A Lyre is a stringed instrument that was used in ancient times; the shape of the instrument was used in Regency furniture, often on games table sides or in antique chair backs. 37 watching. With some antique furniture chairs that have been restored, they lose their patina, which will reduce the overall value of the chair. 1930 S Furniture In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Steampunk Furniture In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Carved Arm Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Stickley Rocker In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), 4 Oak Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Childs Wood Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Lyre Back Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Telephone Table In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Church Furniture In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Machine Age Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Tell City Chairs Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Antique Captains Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Antique Claw Foot Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Cushman Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Nursing Rocking Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Duncan Phyfe In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Oak Library Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Vintage Chrome Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Antique Office Desk In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Vintage Dining Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Pair Wingback Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Vintage Parlor Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Antique Potty Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), French Tapestry Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Prayer Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Vintage Rolling Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Goodform Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Primitive Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Vintage Swivel Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Antique Sewing Rocker Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Vintage Thonet Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Gooseneck Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Royal Easy Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Gunlocke Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Rush Seat Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Waiting Room Furniture In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Ball Claw Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Hall Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Heywood Wakefield Rattan In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Shaker Ladder Back Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Windsor Arm Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Bent Brothers Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Shield Back Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Windsor Back Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Heywood Wakefield Vintage Furniture In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Shoe Shine Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Boudoir Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Karpen Furniture In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Wood Captains Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Brace Back Windsor Chair Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Karpen Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Spindle Back Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Wood Theater Seats In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Cane Bottom Chairs Indiana Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Ladder Back Dining Chairs In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Steamer Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950), Wooden Potty Chair In Antique Chairs (1900-1950).

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