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", Game Franchise you would like to see come to an end, Favorite Video Game Rated at Least 9 Stars on IMDb. GlamSham As in 2020, Jaz Deol‘s age is * years. Hounslow, London, England, UK, 20 February 2019 You can also use the follwoing email to report directly: Your email address will not be published. Get the IMDb App. Actor in the supernatural horror thriller, 'Darkness Visible'. Jaz has worked with many theatre productions like Mush and Me, Speed, The Djinns of Eidgah and Harlesden High Street. Jaz Deol was born on 12th March 1989. Sunny got the idea to direct the movie after he saw Bobby coming home drunk one random night. “So those circumstances were right for this kind of film. Deol generously took the time recently to talk about starring in ‘Darkness Visible’ during an exclusive phone interview. “That way, we could establish a relationship with each other, and talk about the relationship between the mother and son and girlfriend and boyfriend. When you’re about to shoot a film, both the actor and director are intensely preparing for it,” Deol then noted. He has an elder brother Sunny Deol, who is also a well-known actor. But there was a certain struggle and momentum behind making this film, partly because we were also shooting at night in India, and there was beautiful chaos around us. “But that really added to my character’s relationship with India, because in a way, he doesn’t have a real connection with it. Shows, Serials So it was a great creative collaboration in discovering new things, which was a beautiful process.”. Deol’s dashing personality has been loved by one and all. “When I first read the script, I found it to be quite interesting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “There was one location that looked like a mansion, but it was falling apart; there were trees and greenery growing through it. Actor Jaz Deol stars in co-writer-director Neil Biswas’ supernatural horror thriller, ‘Darkness Visible.’ Delving into the past can lead to an inner-darkness ultimately coming to light. Bhatt, Anushka Actress, Hindi Tv Actress Amrin Chakkiwala Good Looking Images, Actress Komal Pawaskar Magnificent Stills, Deepika Bobby Deol is a dashing Indian model and actor. This is an independent film, so the budget wasn’t necessarily one that we liked to really tell this story. Jaz Deol Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Jaz Deol is an actor and director, known for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (2015), Forza Horizon (2012) and Penguin (2011). Even though we were in India with all of this modern technology, there was still so much history around us,” Deol gushed. Actors, Supporting Deol then further delved into the experience of making ‘Darkness Visible’ independently, which he called a great experience. Some of her duties in the position include interviewing filmmakers and musicians, producing posts on celebrity news and contributing reviews on albums and concerts. I also knew his wife, Manjinder (Virk), before the project, so it was nice to have a friendly face in the audition process.”, Then further speaking of collaborating with Biswas, as both the co-scribe and helmer, during the project, Deol admitted that “The circumstances in which we were filming were amazing and intense at the same time. So I talked to one of Neil’s friends, who worked on the designs for the film. The battle during the low-phase of his life right before the release of Race 3 that inspired Bobby to hit the gym which helped him to get back on track instantly and achieve a chiseled physique. He has two sons, Aryaman Deol and Dharam Deol, named after his father, Dharmendra. So for me, being the lead actor in the film, there was a certain amount of pressure that I had on myself. But that was where creativity really came through, which made the experience really intense.”. His first appearance in Indian cinema was in 1977 as a child artist in the movie “Dharam Veer.”. So piecing that together, and Ronnie coming to grips with who and what he is,” was an experience that he cherished. After the actor read the script and submitted his audition, “Neil saw my tape, and we met for a workshop, to see how we’d work together. If we maybe had all the money in the world, we might not have had the same struggle to make it. Your email address will not be published. While filming for his debut lead role in Barsaat, he met with an accident and broke his leg. 1989 His physical stats are well proportionate with chest 40″, waist 32″ and biceps 13″. It’s hard now for smaller films to compete with the Marvel movies and other big franchises, because they obviously have bigger budgets, and a lot of money behind their marketing. Videos, Sillaakki Dumma He was then flown to London for the treatment, which affected his movie’s promotional shoots. Fais ce test, tu verras - Q1: Qui est Jazz ? He was also the first choice to play the lead roles in Imtiaz Ali’s “Jab We Met” (2007) and “Highway” (2014), but due to some reasons, he rejected the offers. “Then the fun comes when you’re there, and something spontaneous comes out. Kapoor, Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Were Inquired For Murder Mysteries, 10 Bollywood Stars Who Never Want To Work Together Again, 10 Bollywood Stars Who Hate Their Parents, 10 Bollywood Stars Who Are Muslim In Real Life, Top 15 Successful Bollywood Celebrities Whose Name Starts With ‘Z’, Top 15 Successful Bollywood Celebrities Whose Name Starts With ‘W’, Top 15 Successful Bollywood Celebrities Whose Name Starts With ‘Y’, Top 15 Successful Bollywood Celebrities Whose Name Starts With 'V', 10 Bollywood Actress And Their Mobile Phone Brands In 2020. Deol charges ₹2 crore/ movie.

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