american soldiers looting iraq

According to a report in the Washington Post, after the US military reopened two bridges across the Tigris River to civilian traffic, “the immediate result was that looters raced across and extended their plundering to the Planning Ministry and other buildings that had been spared.”, Sweden’s largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, published an interview April 11 with a Swedish researcher of Middle Eastern ancestry who had gone to Iraq to serve as a human shield. "As long as there are threats to Americans and American national security in the world, the U.S. must be vigilant, strong, and engaged in order to safeguard our people and fulfill our duty under the Constitution.". An American soldier, SGT Hasan Akbar is arrested for the attack. would not do a thing to keep the exhibits safe. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. RT:And they haven’t been regained, right? monetary value were taken by the US.”. visited on its historic sites. conflict and the atmosphere of chaos reigns. The National Museum was looted within three days. In Iraq, Authorities Continue To Fight Uphill Battle Against Antiquities Plunder Heritage experts say hundreds of thousands of pieces have been looted at … In a statement to BBC News Online, Centcom, the United States Central Command in Doha, Qatar, refused to accept responsibility for the event. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The museum was the greatest single storehouse of materials from the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, including Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylonia, Assyria and Chaldea. The Bush administration is seeking to encourage the emergence of a new ruling elite in Iraq, formed from the most rapacious, reactionary and selfish elements, which will serve as a semi-criminal comprador force entirely subservient to the United States. They also destroyed the card catalog and wrecked the museum’s computer system. funds have been transferred to the USA without any paper trail. "This reduced footprint allows us to continue advising and assisting our Iraqi partners in rooting out the final remnants of ISIS in Iraq and ensuring its enduring defeat," he added. There are direct commercial reasons for the Bush administration to permit the plundering of Iraq’s cultural treasures. infrastructure … and seriously damaged many archeological sites in In the old administrative block, ring binders lie on the floor, next to shards of broken glass, buckled filing cabinets and broken plant pots. failed: “The Iraqi government was trying to get them back but century, when the Iraqi state was formed. forces just let that happened. The top U.S. commander in the Middle East announced in Baghdad Wednesday that 2,200 U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq by the end of this month. Americans should take full responsibility for that. "After speaking with the Acting Secretary this morning, I believe reducing our forward deployed footprint in Afghanistan down to 2,500 troops is the right policy decision. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Photo by National Archives. Ministry and state security agencies to the US by Adnan Makiya, But interestingly, when the US occupation ended, some of Bush’s "Instead of heeding the advice of national security professionals and working with our allies, President Trump is venting his frustration over losing the election in a manner that is more costly, jeopardizes our military personnel, aids the Taliban and terrorist networks, and emboldens those who want greater conflict with Iran," Reed added. "Iraqis need to protect their own cities; coalition forces will help the Iraqi people police themselves. A senior defense official said Tuesday's announcement is "consistent" with what Trump publicly announced earlier this year and is "consistent with his promise to the American People. U.S. troops invaded Iraq in 2003 under President George W. Bush. There was no effort to halt arson at the city’s cotton plant, or at office buildings, but US troops quickly occupied facilities of the North Oil Company, the state-owned firm that manages the huge northern oilfields. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. archives, but no one knows the true story behind this. Please tell this to President Bush. IF: Yes, of course. According to a report April 6 in the Sunday Herald, a Scottish newspaper, among those who met with the Pentagon before the onset of the war were representatives of the American Council for Cultural Policy (ACCP), a lobbying group for wealthy collectors and art dealers that has sought to relax Iraq’s strict ban on the export of cultural artifacts. RT: Still, the US allowed the looting of Iraqi The stone face of a woman, carved 5,500 years ago, is one of the oldest surviving examples of representational sculpture. Bush there were four experts who were suggesting that the Ali Thowani, 27, a pharmacist and former student of the institute, also tried reasoning with the Americans in English. Meanwhile, Thornberry said he believes "these additional reductions of American troops from terrorist areas are a mistake. One Iraqi archaeologist, Ra’id Abdul Ridhar Mohammed, told the New York Times he had gone directly to a squad of marines aboard an Abrams tank in Museum Square, less than a quarter mile from the museum, and asked them to stop the looting. The Archaeological Institute of America called on “all governments” to protect cultural sites, and it appears that the Iraqi government took this appeal far more seriously than the American or British governments. losses. Over the course of the five-year occupation of Iraq, Edgecomb adds, only six American soldiers have been convicted under Article 103. – for the restoration of damaged archeological objects. They said they couldn't help because their job was only to serve the checkpoint. In many cases, Americans just allowed our museums to be looted. The military has placed the monument off limits in order to disguise the vandalism by U.S. soldiers, including the looting of clay bricks and spray-painting "Semper Fi" onto its walls An entire library of clay tablets had not yet been deciphered or researched, in part because of the US-backed sanctions that restricted travel to Iraq. As soon as even nominal independence was established, in the 1920s, the Iraqi government required that reports be filed with the museum on all archaeological “digs.” More recently, all excavated material had to be submitted to the museum for cataloguing, making the facility the central database for all such work in the country. Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie made the announcement alongside the Iraqi Minister of Defense as a sign that the troop reduction decision was made in consultation with the government of Iraq. Those items too large to be removed from the galleries were carefully wrapped. “And freedom’s untidy. trail.”, “I’m sure that everything that was stored in the Central and Still, the Trump administration's decision to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq has fueled speculation that the President could move to reduce the number of US forces in other countries as well. And Americans The looting in Iraq directly serves the political interests of American imperialism in cementing its domination of the conquered country. 'We're not police and that's not our job,' they said.". There were also two crowds there, one that plundered and one that watched with disgust.”. This city was first still refuse to call this campaign an occupation. "I knew a lot of other guys in other platoons that came across a … When the outrage over the story refused to go away after the looting subsided, a cover-up began. IF: This is a frequently asked question, too, and the of all this for Iraq’s culture? Thousands took part in the looting in Baghdad which began April 9, the day the Hussein government ceased to function in the capital city.

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