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All old school decks are made with a 7 ply hard rock maple. Largest selection of shapes and sizes at Cheap Manufacturer Direct prices. Custom Skateboard wheels printed with your logos. In design studio you can pick the sizes 7.5 7.6 7.75 7.8 8.0 8.125 8.25 8.510 Make your single one off graphic easy with an art studio that supplies you with clipart and the ability to upload images. We manufacturer close to 150 decks a day and have the capacity to make much more than that. .. Great deals on bearings for skateboards abec5 This The 8.5 Skateboard is growing in popularity. WE ARE STILL SHIPPING FUN EVERYDAY IN THIS DIFFICULT TIME, Because of the high volume in orders we are currently on a 3-5 day delay. 4. Now available is our custom skateboards logo on merchandise. You won't find a better deck or a better price for a custom skateboard printed with your graphic. Customize and design your own custom skateboard, longboard, Grip Tape and wheels online. Dedicated to your success these decks are built to last with high quality glue and presses that are made just for skateboards. This deck is made in our factory .. To preserve and protect our identity. When you hit the bulk prices for custom printing or blank decks it is typically 4-5 … One Custom Skateboard deck available ALL ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO DELAYS! A custom skateboard is a deck with your own art heat transferred onto the bottom of the deck. If a company does not mark or advertise that it is USA Made then it is not. minimum and a setup fee to make the cnc file to cut boards to your If you are a big brand and need quality boards made in USA other than an importer we can handle any size order. 9x33 inches sheets can be orde.. Start Designing.  .. 9.0" Wide 32" Long 15" Wheelbase 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple Made in America! Copyright © 2012-2020,™, All Rights Reserved. We press up one top and middle ply stain with a natural bottom ply. 100% Canadian Maple Cold Press Decks. You got that right! Maple Skateboards Vs Bamboo Skateboards Let me give you some valuable information about this topic. This 7.5 Blank skateboard deck has a length of 31.75 and a 14.25" wheelbase . Manufacturer Vs Distributor3. Custom skateboards w.. We also offer custom printed skateboards with your graphics made on demand. Custom brand logo deck Taste the rainbow skateboard deck is made in our factory. Making skateboards is hard w... 20 for $25.00 Custom Skateboards Medium Concave, Design Your Own Custom Grip Tape Below Wholesale, Custom Skateboard Deck Manufacturer | Print On Demand, Skateboard Manufacturing Equipment Gone Wrong, How Your Skateboards Are Made Factory Tour. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This Copyright © 2012-2020,™, All Rights Reserved. You can also request to have these boards without a clear coat or lacquer finish meaning that the decks will be raw wood. Best prices anywhere. but no worries because the medium concave feels da.. ​SALE 1-$40 LIMITED TIME ONLY! Copyright © 2012-2020,™, All Rights Reserved. 8.125 blank deck is a popular si.. Giving back to the skateboard industry with lower prices made in USA. You won't find a better deck or a better price for a custom skateboard printed with your graphic. It is a fun project to see your design on a skateboard and be able to show it off to your friends. ​SALE 1-$40 LIMITED TIME ONLY! We have the secret sauce when making blank skateboards where decks will last longer while holding their pop. All of the printed decks with the graphics you send us get a FREE stain top and middle ply. 5. Click on ... Lowest prices on custom skateboard decks! You do not get to pick the color of the stain. If you change your mind and want us to print your own graphic on it go check out our online designer. Branding merchandise with our logo. Promote creativity. of experience with quality control gives you the edge over your friends. Color may not be as bright depending on your computer or phone scree.. Sizes wider than 8.5 only come in Medium concave! decks. In design studio you can pick the sizes 7.5 7.6 7.75 7.8 8.0 8.125 8.25 8.5Make Copyright © 2012-2020,™, All Rights Reserved. Top Quality, Fast Shipping, Order/Design online. This 7.5 Blank skateboard deck has a length of 31.75 and a 14.25" wheelbase . wholesale blank skateboard decks USA! Enjoy shopping through our blank deck section of longboards, skateboards, old schools and more. Top stain colors plys vary.Old Schoo.. 9.0" Wide32.5" Long15" WheelbaseAssorted Stain Top and Middle Plys Natural on bottomThis one.. 32 Inches in length and 9.0 inch Width with a 15 inch wheel base. Wholesale options. COVID-19 OUR RESPONSE Service Level: NORMAL. .. Being a pioneer of digital ink used to make skateboard graphics we take pride knowing we were the first to use this process. We give huge discounts on orders over 5,000. Good strong concave built to last. The 8.5 Skateboard is growing in popularity. Only $20.... What is important to you? seller on our site this downhill longboard shape is perfect for any 26" X 7" BAMBOO MINI KICKTAIL BLANK DECK (#B26), 32" X 8" BAMBOO MINI KICKTAIL BLANK DECK (#B32), 31.5" X 8" MINI KICKTAIL BLANK DECKS (#C31), 27"X 8" MINI KICKTAIL DECKS (SPECIALTY WOOD), 34" X 9.25" KICKTAIL CAN MAPLE DECK (#BCM34), 36" X 9.25" DOUBLE KICKTAIL BLANK DECK (#Z36), 33" X 9" OLD SCHOOL DARK WALNUT BLANK DECK (#DWO33), 36" X 9.5" DOWNHILL KICKTAIL DARK WALNUT DECK (#DWDH36), 40" X 9.75" KICKTAIL BLANK DECK BAMBOO (#BK40), 40" X 9.25" PINTAIL BLANK DECK BAMBOO (#BP40), 40" X 9.25" SPLITTAIL BLANK DECK BAMBOO (#BS40), 36" X 9.25" DOUBLE KICKTAIL DARK WALNUT/OLIVE DECK, 34" X 9.25" KICKTAIL DARK WALNUT DECK (#BDW34), 37" X 9.5" DOWNHILL A SERIES (#A37) BLANK DECK, 44" X 9.75" PINTAIL BLANK DECK BAMBOO (#BP44), 40" X 9.5" BOTTLENOSE TOP MOUNT BLANK DECK (#BN40), 36" X 10" DOWNHILL CANADIAN MAPLE (#RWCM36), 39" X 9.5" DOUBLE KICKTAIL CAN MAPLE TOP MOUNT (#CMDK39), 40.75" X 9.75" DROP DOWN DROP THROUGH DECK (#L240), 39" X 9.5" DROP THROUGH BLANK DECK (#C39), 40" X 10" DROP THROUGH BLANK DECK (#ST40), 39" X 9.5" CANADIAN MAPLE DROP THROUGH DOUBLE KICK BLANK DECK (#G39), 40" X 9.5" FIBERGLASS-BAMBOO-FLEX DROP THROUGH (#FC40) LIMITED, 39.75" x 10" TOP MOUNT DOUBLE KICK (#MD39), 40" X 9.75" KICKTAIL BLANK DECK (SPECIALTY WOOD), 41" X 9.25" FIBERGLASS-BAMBOO-FLEX TOP MOUNT (#FTM41), 48.75" X 9.25" DOUBLE KICK DANCER BLANK DECK BAMBOO (#D48), 48" X 9.5" DOUBLE KICK DANCER CANADIAN MAPLE (#CM48), 48" X 9.5" FIBERGLASS-FLEX DANCER (#F48) LIMITED. Better then wholesale prices we are a manufacturer. Best Blank Or Custom Printed SkateboardsSkateboards Made To LAST. These 8 inch wide blank skateboard decks are perfect for the Our normal turn around time is 10-15 days Mon - Friday on all orders 10 decks and below. We have multi-buy options available, have a look at the products below or give us a call at the skate shop. Your place for custom printed skateboards. This is our 8.0 Custom Printed Skateboard Deck Discount. factory direct. Skip right to the front of the line buying directly from a skateboard facory. Custom Longboard Deck Manufacturer Blank Or Printing On Demand Making a longboard here in the USA is extremely difficult and I am sure all the other g... California Skateboard Manufacturer In the mecca of the skateboarding industry we are sticking it out because we have the key to what it takes to make ... From hot new shapes to bringing back some of the old school shaped decks we have you covered with the largest selection of customizable or blank decks... Gold Foil Skateboard Printing   After all the phone calls and request for gold foil on skateboards it is now a reality. CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOR BLANK OR PRINTED YOUR OWN GRAPHICS. Why do they advertise products this way? 2. No need to look any further we make the skateboards in our skateboard factory. All decks are made right here with over 30 years of skateboard manufacturing experience. We build them to order meaning these decks are shipped within a day of being cut and not sitting in a container on a freight liner. BULK AS LOW AS $17.00  Sizes ranging from 7.5 to 8.5. Full service custom skateboard manufacturer offering blank or printed skateboards any shape and size, Blank Skateboards American Made - Wholesale, 1-9 decks is 3 Months 10 or more is 5-6 Months, Blanks Made Factory Direct Huntington Beach California, 10 Set Minimum Custom Printed 52 MM Wheel. Multiple graphics one order at a volume discount price. graph.. 39" Long 10" Wide 7 ply Candadian MapleTaco concaveThis decks come with a Stain top&nbs.. Having this all to ourselves for over 10 years gave us the advantage to improve on how it was done. Best deals on blank skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, wheels, and bearings. Full service custom skateboard manufacturer offering blank or printed skateboards any shape and size.

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