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It is necessary to increase the height of the disc, which results in an indirect decompression and becomes a highly successful fusion, which is based on kinetics as well. ©2020 Dr. Ivan Cheng - Orthopaedic Spine Center - 450 Broadway St. | MC6342 - Redwood City, CA 94063 - (650) 725-5905, Patient Case Video: Adult Scoliosis and Sagittal Imbalance, Case #5: Degenerative Scoliosis and Minimally-Invasive Surgery, Case #6: Severe Scoliosis with Marfan's Syndrome, Case #7: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Coronal and Sagittal Deformity, Direct lateral interbody fusion (DLIF/XLIF). Often, your surgeon may work in conjunction with another surgeon specializing in vascular or general surgery to assist with the initial aspects of the surgery, as it involves making an incision in the belly and proceeding to the spinal column from the front (anteriorly). A particular risk to be aware of is retrograde ejaculation. After the spinal column was classified by Denis, it was demonstrated that posterior spinal fusion is not sufficient to maintain the vertebral column. The position of the ALIF cage is checked within the space by a lateral and anteroposterior (AP) fluoroscope again to make sure the posterior border of the cage is just a millimeter in front of the posterior border of the vertebrae. hބXے�6}�W�e���#R�.��5Obe��(��d �`����U�_�/�ӸP�ь�屬! As the nerve heals, expect tingling or a warm feeling. All precautions will be taken but rarely, more serious nerve injuries can occur. The level is confirmed by using fluoroscope. In experienced hands, the fusion rate can be as high as 90+%. Anterior lumbar interbody fusion is a surgery to treat disc problems in the low back. N. CapenerSpondylolisthesis. Five cases (25%) involved back pain only caused by degenerative disc disease also confirmed by provocative discography.

The venous vessel was injured in only one case, and there was a blood loss of several thousand milliliters in the reservoir of the cell server. Obviously, it is not a surprise that at first the cage was not placed on the Apophyseal ring of spine, as this causes problems of subsidence such as we see with as the rectangular cage, Bagby and Kuslich (BAK) cage or LT-Cage®. All peer-reviewed articles related to the fusion rate of L5/S1 for an ALIF, TLIF, or axial interbody fusion were included. We observed that the rapid recovery in back and leg pain from ALIF is faster than posterior opened surgery, which may be because there is minimal soft tissue destruction and the effect of indirect decompression of nerve roots without direct contact that can cause inflammation in open surgery (Figure 8). Click the links below to learn more about the selected treatment: Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) is an operation to stabilize the spine, relieve pressure on irritated nerves and ensure this pressure does not return. Data for this study was obtained through retrospective chart reviews and concurrent follow-up of patients who received ALIF surgery performed by the same spine surgeon (Buranakarl T) at the Bangkok Spine Academy. doi: 10.1097/BRS.0000000000001465. The pictures show acceptable reduction of slip and solid fusion 6 months later. Over time, bone grows into the cage, fusing the vertebrae above and below the cage and stabilizing the spine. TLIF spinal fusion operation is a salvage procedure. This is a preliminary report of ALIF operations at our center, the Oswestry Disability Score is collected before the operation and then compared with post operative status at six weeks, three months and six months and these are not yet all complete for all 20 cases. This event usually occurs in 2-4% of cases, and 50% of these patients eventually recover fully.24 Other complications such as abdominal ileus, lymphadenoma, injuries to the ureter, and abdominal hernias have been reported infrequently. Both legs are placed on the lithotomy table and attached with anti-thrombotic calf pump. It can increase disc space and create the optimal lumbar lordosis and coronal balance especially in L5-S1. 2019 Jan;48(1):50-58. doi: 10.1007/s00132-018-03670-w. h�b```e``�b`d`�_��̀ �L�,} l @��t1��1��Uv0�20�O<3��i�H���an��� 6�a�#�Q � �� z As the name implies, the spine is approached from the front.

Some may need anterior vertebral column support and fusion anteriorly. The correctly sized Synfix® cage is then opened from its container and filled with the bone graft substitute (bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) or demineralized bone matrix graft (DBM)) and inserted into the selected disc space. That said, the average of arterial injuries is less than 1% and venous injuries account for about 1-3%.2,23,24 In our study, the mean intraoperative bleeding was around 300 milliliters and this is acceptable and seems close to levels seen in conventional posterior open surgery. Twenty-three levels were operated on, with the majority being at the L5-S1 in 15 levels (65.2%), and L4-L5 in eight levels (34.8%). Anand N, Alayan A, Cohen J, Cohen R, Khandehroo B. J Am Acad Orthop Surg Glob Res Rev. Other ALIF Considerations. endstream endobj 22 0 obj <> endobj 23 0 obj <> endobj 24 0 obj <>stream 2018 Oct 23;2(10):e067.

The cage position is checked once more before the final fixing of the cage to the vertebral body. This is confirmed with a much lower disability score at the six-month visit. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). Recommended articles Citing articles (0) References. The success rate of relieving leg pain is very high. Please call us if this persists. Figure 2: Synfix®, stand alone PEEK cage with anterior plate construct was filled with bone graft substitute, Bone Morphogenetic Protein (white).

In general terms ALIFs (anterior lumbar interbody fusion) and PLIFs (posterior lumbar interbody fusion) have a success rate of about 70%. Any technique-dependent benefit in fusion rate can be eliminated with common surgical modifications such as the use of bilateral pedicle screws. Schnake KJ, Rappert D, Storzer B, Schreyer S, Hilber F, Mehren C. Orthopade. Some patients are not eligible for surgery because of adhesion round the affected level from previous abdominal or spinal surgery. Anterior Interbody Fusion is highly suitable for curing chronic back pain originating in disc degeneration. These conditions might include vascular leakage or difficulty to mobilize a great vessel due to adhesion.

“I had developed left leg and lower back pain. Spinal fusion is one of the major goals of spinal surgery especially in the case of spinal instability, infection, tumor and traumatic condition. ALIF surgery using this technique (stand-alone PEEK cage with anterior plate construct, Synfix®, Synthes, USA) has been available in Thailand since early 2011 and continues to be performed to the present day. An anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) is performed to remove a large portion of a degenerated disc that is causing back pain. 374-386. After aseptic treatment of the skin, lateral fluoroscopic images are used to identify the correct level of skin incision on an imaginary line from the disc to the abdominal wall. After this, anterior fusion to address the degenerative condition of the spine was studied.4. 2014 Jan 15;39(2):E82-8. This surgery became unacceptable because of the high rate of postoperative pseudartrosis. Also contraindicated are cases of highly collapsed disc space, as there is a chance of auto fusion between both levels. He or she will then place screws in the bodies and connect them with rods or plates.

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