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Your generosity of spirit is much appreciated. Rocky Mountain Landscape features a dramatic contrast between near-black darks and near-white lights. There are 51 galleries and art dealers listing works of art by Albert Bierstadt as either "Wanted" or "For Sale" . Hello Dan, greetings from San Diego California. Albert Bierstadt. The German landscape painters at this time were painstaking in their attention to detail both in brush strokes and the depiction of light. A great many of his masterpieces involved the majesty of peaks in their composition; sensitively rendered through his signature use of colour and light he brought the truly awe-inspiring grandeur to life. Thank you so much for introducing me to these masters. The renewed appreciation of his work found critics hailing it as a love letter to lost indigenous people and the wilderness of America which had all but disappeared. This was so interesting and inspiring! I too have never heard of him (mind I am new to this wonderful world of painting) and am totally mesmerised by the luminosity in his works. Research resources. 28 oct. 2018 - Explorez le tableau « ALBERT BIERSTADT » de Dominique Dax, auquel 104 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Two locations have been named in his honor. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Beautiful, I’d never heard of Albert Bierstadt before. Thanks for all your posts; didn’t know there were four “Sunflowers”. In honoured his work as both a painter but also someone who sought to protect the environment through more hands-on efforts. lt’s a shame that artists today cannot expect to be so well paid that they can build mansions. However, the themes favoured by the original group remained; discovery, exploration and settlement. Albert's artistic skills were evident from a young age. I prefer this painting over the more grandiose and refined paintings he produced later in his career. Widely considered one of the greatest landscape painters of all time, his style was both visionary and romantic in equal measure. 5 of 1034 auction records are upcoming at auction. I couldn’t stand myself if I was that good, my head would be the size of a watermelon. Keep educating us for as long as you can, I am sure many artists from around the globe appreciate what you are doing. © 2019. Emotion in depiction was something which would help to differentiate Bierstadt from other members of the Hudson River School. But, Hasenclever died around the time of Bierstadt's arrival in 1853. Hi Dan , such drama in paint, just astounding. It took him a great many sketches and several visits to the area before he managed to capture the serenity of the scene and he confessed that it was the most difficult painting he ever created but it is exquisite in its detail and atmosphere. However, without a doubt, Bierstadt's greatest influence was mother nature herself. Website theme by. In fact, in 1857 he was invited to join an informal movement of like-minded painters known as The Hudson River School. Thank u a lot, it make me so happy!! Thanks for the post, keep ’em coming Dan the man.??? He returned to Germany and studied at the Dusseldorf School of Painting. Marking: [stamped on stretcher]: Wright & Gardiner's / … Many of his paintings take pride of place in the great Museums of America, indeed Rocky Mountain Landscape (1870) even hangs in the White House. Some cows, trees and flowers are illuminated in the foreground. Elaborate and inspiring post indeed. Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902) was a remarkable German-American painter known for his vast and luminous landscapes. Thank you, Dan, not only for this article but all the articles, tips, and insights you’ve shared! Bierstadt painted with intricate detail throughout almost all of the painting, leaving hardly anything up to the imagination. Detail from Rocky Mountain Landscape, 1870. Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings. Library.

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