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It is the first dialogue driven ad for the banking sector in a while and we love it. With its humorous take on the Ramadan stereotypical characters and classic cameos, it took viewers back to the days of Zakeya Zakaria. In the ad, De Niro flies from the Big Apple to Warbutons’s HQ in Bolton to protect New York’s bagel reputation after hearing the news about the breadmaker’s new release. It is brilliant code play work.” SV. Created in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi, the global campaign featured one 60-second TV spot, alongside a series of short personal documentaries, inspired by the true stories of football stars, and Visa ambassadors, Lucy Bronze, Kim Little and Nadia Nadim. The brand delighted sugar addicts on #NationalDonutDay with the offer of a free donut with the purchase of any beverage. The video gained over 50 million views across all social media platforms and hundreds of thousands of comments. Sometimes, marketers get stuck trying to please their existing target audience. In Russia, the campaign used a hashtag that roughly translated as #OutOfControl and featured local female role models, such as a mixed martial artist and a champion jiu-jitsu fighter. To appeal to the millennial’s vague belief that corporations should care more about society? Thus, if you want to get an instant response to your marketing efforts, engage opinion leaders and influencers to participate in your marketing campaigns. #PepsiMoreThanOK (hashtag mentions 55.6k; engagement: 465.1k) vs#PepsiSweepstakesOK (hashtag mentions 20.8k, engagement 15.7k). On a mission to promote wellness and self-esteem by creating new standards of beauty. Can’t wait to drive the #RoadToCoachella in this sick custom @TheGr8tKhalid #FreeSpirit wrapped #BMWi8. The lesson to learn: Key pillar of viral marketing is unconventionality. To measure this, ITV has been working with YouGov and Ipsos to create a new metric: spontaneous brand consideration. Xeim Limited, Registered in England and Wales with number 05243851 IHOP to IHOb. It is up to each brand to determine what approach works best for each situation. The investment bank and financial service company, scored a hole-in-one for its user-generated and social good campaigns featuring Justin Rose, superstar golfer and brand ambassador. The same but different. You could win top tech prizes.Tag #BestBuyTechZoneSweepstakes and @BestBuy to enter. The campaign gained the brand significant media attention, with the actor even being asked about the ad in October’s GQ cover story. YouTube: 8 steps to a killer marketing strategy, IT the movie and its freakishly good marketing campaign, How fake accounts on social media affect you. Humor is in the eye of the beholder. Continue reading for examples from major, global brands. 1. Doesn’t sound like a bunch of people that would willingly join the army, does it? With Christmas ad season now firmly underway, Marketing Week shares its take on this year’s Christmas stars and festive flops. #gilletteboycott What might seem like a tactical piece of advertising to promote its new Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits actually builds into the wider KFC brand and image. Campaigns around awareness days can be a fun an easy way to give your brand a boost. The ad pointed out that men are not, in fact, the best they can be. In 2019, Reebok became a part of pop culture by association. MF. Women! The release of Chevy’s commercial combined with the HQ sponsorship helped create a centralized social media moment for Silverado. This trilogy is making us laugh every time. Short videos, featuring fun characters – road whisperers, explain why you shouldn’t drink and drive, encourage to observe speed limits and remember about the safety of passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. In order to raise awareness beyond their visitor base, the aquarium has turned to social media with a fun approach that combines science, pop culture, and humor. You need to go viral. “The Egg”, is probably the simplest and craziest marketing stunt of 2019 so far, which shows the power of influencers and opinion leaders in contemporary marketing. Not everyone has the budget or access to a pop star, so get creative. The home improvement chain didn’t rely on a single moment or campaign to propel social media. While Best Buy’s Tech Zone tour was limited to four markets, the social giveaway, which they promoted with a hashtag was the perfect way to raise awareness on a national scale. In … Many of the best advertising and marketing campaigns exist on social. They had to do something differently. Men perceived the ad as sexist towards men while women argued that the ad still tells them what to do - just in a different way. During Game 3 of the NBA finals, VW launched what may be the most outside-the-box ad since its famous 1959 “Think Small” print. This is especially the case when the advice comes from a bank that received bailout money. Can you make it happen? The US consumer and commercial bank, went into crisis communication mode after tweeting financial advice using the popular #MondayMotivation hashtag. User-generated content is the best testimonial for your brand. In a film devised for US Mothers’ Day in May, the fast-food chain revealed the Chickendales – a recreation of Colonel Sanders as a Chippendale. In the begging of 2019, Gillette also decided to fight stereotype but this time against men. The innovation was a smart move as bagels are the second largest sector in the ‘sandwich alternatives’ market. We hope that abovementioned examples of viral marketing campaigns helped you to get inspiration and some practical advice on how to improve the quality and efficiency of your own marketing efforts. That’s increasingly important as competition in the TV market heats up. And for what? However, if your brand is becoming forgotten, copying your competitors' tactics will get you nowhere. The digital world is vast and filled with opportunity up for the taking. It was part of the Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman campaign that promoted female empowerment. Despite the promise of social media and digital word-of-mouth, Monzo shows the power of large-scale marketing campaigns. The multinational financial services corporation, saw a significant surge in social media mentions in February thanks to its #PricelessSurprises campaign around the 2019 GRAMMY Awards®. SV, READ MORE: ITV ‘reboots’ brand and effectiveness measures as it drives ‘new era for marketing’. The fanfare led to a flurry of media mentions with the hashtag #NHLAllStar. Recently, they released a vegan sausage roll, which wouldn’t be a big thing if they didn’t also post a video on social media about it. Dina Nour is a Content Writer at Code95. We use cookies to enhance your experience when visiting our website.

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