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AF: No, but in general I am pleased if new typefaces resemble Frutiger. The original Didot had never been redesigned. Sometimes I sent something to friends at Christmas. When Linotype decided to re-do Univers, the first thing they did was to go back to the lead type Univers engraved in steel. Adrian Frutiger: Typography in Switzerland was more oriented to the sans serif than to Roman type. to help give you the best experience we can. The italic was a little distorted, but this didn’t matter. But Univers was very poor on Linofilm. In German semi bold italic is called halbfett kursiv; in France you don’t know if it is semi gras or gras and the terms bold and semi bold always get mixed up. He showed us, after making rubbings of Roman inscriptions, that an up-stroke is thinner than a down-stroke and that in the curves you can find beautiful variations between thick and thin. We worked for five years to achieve sufficient visual difference between character-pairs that look quite similar to a machine. There are two kinds of reading: text, and looking something up. AF: I wanted a two-digit number. L’enseignement est rigoureux, mais Adrian était formé à la précision et les professeurs excellents. Poster Designs. In 1948, without a cent in his pocket, he registered at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich to learn how to form letters, a four year programme. YS-S: You have said that verticals and horizontals form our perceptual framework. Frutiger Stones, 1998. to help give you the best experience we can. Ma passion pour la lettre était née. Today OCR-B is not used as much for automatic reading; only the numerals are used to any great extent. I have never sat down at the screen to design, only, for example to check a font’s digital outlines. We were required to use all the copy... Modern Frutiger Poster. There is 50 for the weight and 5 for the width, these being the two criteria for a font. I sketched the corrections, marked them, drew them roughly and photocopied them, and cut them out with scissors. On découvre également, et cela est moins connu, un autre Frutiger : le philosophe et le spirituel, l’homme de cœur. Casting a font in lead was very expensive, which is why perhaps only one or two typefaces came out each year. Et de réalisation en réalisation, d’année en année, on retrouve, en fond de trame, la pugnacité et l’esprit inventif et pratique de l’adolescent. Now we are drawn through the picture into a third dimension, into a virtual world. Franco Tettamanti est un excellent photographe de mode et portrait qui voyage et travaille entre Paris, Zurich, Londres, Milan, Berlin et Los Angeles pour des magazines (Madame Figaro, D La Repubblica, Elle, TeenVogue, Prestige Hong Kong) et des clients (MCM, Akris, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Universal). It came together quickly and I also had a good draughtswoman to help me. Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin: You developed the first drawings for Univers during your studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule [Arts and Crafts School] in Zürich. The grotesque is like the body of a fish, it is so smooth that no mistake can be allowed to happen! Eye 100 is on its way to subscribers. I sent a New Year’s Greeting to Otmar Hoefer of Linotype that showed similar round stones with alphabetical signs on them. I developed the font style by using the short word monde. Below there was a little brother with the number 45. Every typographer can name classic fonts but don't know many new fonts. From there we took the proportions and did the extensions. It was a lovely end to my career as a type designer to make a true Didot. At a little Interlaken printing press, he learned the art of printing, and in handling the lead characters all day long, he told himself that these letters could “store” man’s thoughts for readers worldwide. You can add shadows and provide depth, but there is no point. Was it through design or the market route that Univers become more widely known?

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