84 inch reclining sofa

Love to lounge? With rolled cigar arms and a subtly scalloped back, our Bennett Power Reclining Sofa boasts details you might consider more refined than relaxed. Turn casual evenings at home into cozy family nights with our Trouper reclining sofa. No matter what yourstyle or budget, La-Z-Boyhas a sofa for you. With its curved, stitched back and pillow padded arms, the Lancer power reclining sofa will look great with any décor. Simply use the side-mounted 4-button control panels to recline, raise ... Who says you can’t improve on a classic? Understated style and unexpected power describe the Edie duo® Reclining 2-Seat Sofa. With dual reclining end seats, it’s as stylish as it is inviting, with clean design lines and a chaise seats that crea... Love to lounge? Looking to create a family-friendly space with a focus on comfort? When you need a couch big enough for a certain number of people, this is a … Recline in s... Clean lines meet exceptional comfort with Easton. 0. The Brooks Power Reclining Sofa offers a casual blend of comfort and function, with an upd... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/44p_701_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/44p_701_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/44p_701_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/44p_701_v2.jpg. The Reese Power Reclining Sofa brings comfort and versatility to your contemporary decor. At IKEA you can find a wide range of sofas and couches in different materials, shapes and sizes with attention to comfort, style and, of course, price. Stretch out and lean back, these sectionals also recline. Its sleek padded arms and c... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/366_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/366_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/366_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/366_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/VN9a_REESE_GRP_Alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/VN9a_REESE_GRP_Alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/VN9a_REESE_GRP_Alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/VN9a_REESE_GRP_Alt.jpg. Every room has a story to tell. From casual to contemporary, comfort never looked so good. Meet duo®?. Generously scaled and cushioned with soft shirring on the back and footrests... Trust us to bring a laid back attitude to stylish relaxing. These sets fit neatly in your outdoor area. Generously sized for luxurious comf... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/440_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/440_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/440_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/440_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/KR5c2_EASTON_C125674_closed.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/KR5c2_EASTON_C125674_closed.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/KR5c2_EASTON_C125674_closed.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/KR5c2_EASTON_C125674_closed.jpg. A chair with room for two. Rest easy with chic chairs that double as twin sleepers. Design... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/440_754_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/440_754_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/440_754_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/440_754_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/440_754_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/440_754_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/440_754_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/440_754_alt.jpg. Here's a set of 4 charts that illustrate the proper sofa dimensions for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people. Sofas, Couches & Loveseats to reflect your style and inspire your home. Sink into one of the three sculpted bucket seats as the split back cushion provides soft support of your head, neck and lumbar. Generously size... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/44U_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/44U_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/44U_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/44U_702_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/44U_702_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/44U_702_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/44U_702_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/44U_702_alt.jpg. The Brooks Power Reclining Sofa offers a casual blend of comfort and function, with an updated look that’s cleaner and less overstuffed than you’d expect. A dedicated credit limit to use again and again at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. Create a one-of-a-kind room with our Urban Attitudes collection. Entertain with cabinets perfect for serving and storing. Sometimes you can have it all, and our James reclining sofa is proof. It’s a chair. With dual-sided reclining power, sculpted bucket seats and full-support legrests, our Trouper sofa is the right place to start. Place a glass or serve up style with decorative accent tables. At the touch of a button, go from upright to fully reclined, as powered backs and legrests move together to your preferred position... With its curved, stitched back and pillow padded arms, the Lancer power reclining sofa will look great with any décor. Its clean and casual design features padded outer arms, a padded back, tapered wood legs and welt trim. It features a tufted back and chaise seats, plus amply padded arms to cradle you in comfort. Sign up in minutes to access order status and history and select your communication preferences. [Brode Power Leather Reclining 84 inches Rolled Arms Sofa by Loon Peak®] ★★On Sale Online★★ Brode Power Leather Reclining 84 inches Rolled Arms Sofa by Loon Peak® [☀☀Cheap Reviews Relaxation comes easily with our Hayes Reclining Sofa. Comfortable, cool an... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/512_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/512_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/512_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/512_sofa_v2_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/MVP15b_PINNACLE_D989776.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/MVP15b_PINNACLE_D989776.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/MVP15b_PINNACLE_D989776.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/MVP15b_PINNACLE_D989776.jpg. Looking to create a family-friendly space with a focus on comfort? Love to lounge? yours today. Generously scaled and cushioned with soft shirring on the back and footrests, and ... Trust us to bring a laid back attitude to stylish relaxing. ... 36"D x 40"H x 84"W + More. As stylish as they are versatile, our ottomans can do it all. High-end style and unexpected reclining power. With so many styles, leather and fabrics, you’ll find the perfect loveseat sofa to take home. Our Tripoli Wall Reclining Sofa features padded, flared ... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/515_sofa_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/515_sofa_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/515_sofa_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/515_sofa_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/440_515_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/440_515_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/440_515_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/440_515_alt.jpg. Only much more comfortable. Dream bigger. Transforming houses into homes for more than 90 years. Shades of blue and green for looks that bring to mind rolling waves, blue skies and sun kissed beaches. The only work required of you is deciding how on earth you’re ever going to will yourself to get up. With Greyson you can up your hom... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/44P_763.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/44P_763.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/44P_763.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/44P_763.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/large/91P_896_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/small/91P_896_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/xsmall/91P_896_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/sofas/big/91P_896_v2.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/91P_896_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/91P_896_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/91P_896_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/91P_896_alt.jpg.

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