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with enough wind to cause an umbrella to twist in your hand, Understanding the Working Principle of Down Insulated Jackets, Understanding the Working Principle of Synthetic Insulated Jackets, my Arc'teryx Thorsen vs Therme vs Camosun post, Temperature Ratings of Best Insulated Jackets. But unfortunately, a new problem arises here. In addition to these guides, I've also continuously been conducting this study to answer most of our questions about the temperature ratings. A comforter made from this type of material would likely be very uncomfortable to sleep under unless you happen to live in a cabin without heat in the woods in Alaska – even then, you might only want it during thr winter. CLO value is the insulation power of an insulation setting. A universal fit. But not a lot of brands offer jackets with this insulation, and especially the cheaper ones. The important thing here is that unlike fill power, CLO is not a characteristic that is unique to one ounce of the material. The actual weight of down in a jacket plays a huge part as well, and that’s one specification you should always be checking. Not sure which jacket to buy? That’s because your entire body will be warm and cozy, and your body heat will stay inside the jacket. Honehstein Institute certified. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. are adequately room and warm, and the Comparing the temperature ratings of synthetic insulated jackets is more difficult. Including those insane encounters with black bears in Canada. For real down, this is often goose feathers. Briefly, the amount of trapped air increases as the jacket gets baggier. Feel free to ask me any questions or provide feedback and I'll be happy to respond in the comment section below. It measures the size of space one ounce of down is able to insulate, when it reaches maximum loft. need to stay warm when camping in the backcountry or in front country campgrounds—or If you are looking at a jacket in store, you should be able to find that info on the tags. Let’s just look at the numbers here – 100 grams is 3.5 ounces. If a jacket is insulated primarily with down and secondarily with synthetic insulators, then that's counted as a down jacket, and is listed above. The higher the number in favour of down, the warmer the jacket. There’s So, the higher the volume of trapped air (which is directly proportional with Fill Power), the more air will be heated & work as insulation as a result. Ever wondered what all those numbers in descriptions of down jackets mean? Approximate lowest temperatures you can wear each down jacket in the market without feeling uncomfortably cold are... Mountain Equipment Lightline (Men's - Women's), Outdoor Research Alpine Down (Men's - Women's), Mountain Equipment Skyline (Men's - Women's), Patagonia Jackson Glacier (Men's - Women's), REI Co-op Magma 850 Hoodie 2.0 (Men's - Women's), Black Diamond Access Down (Men's - Women's), Outdoor Research Transcendent (Men's - Women's), Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 (Men's - Women's), Outdoor Research Illuminate (Men's - Women's). targeting your budget strategically to put more into, say, a better pack, tent, Fortunately, this calculation using the numerical value CLO was not the only information I had in my hands. If you are looking to get a warm winter jacket, look for anything with 550 fill power and above. Maybe except one parameter? gtag('config', 'G-GDD0YD30SK'); Before you make up your mind, I'd recommend you to check out Arc'teryx's own JacketFinder tool as well. But if you live in areas where winters are milder, don’t get ahead of yourself and buy a super warm jacket – you’ll rarely wear it. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. And I don't think that they're incorrect. VIEW ALL OFFERS. The first one. people in temps in the 40s Fahrenheit over a base layer. So, let me sum it up: I think that’s all. Let's talk about the most important and most common examples of these factors. When you’re shopping for backpacking and hiking gear on a budget—or just For one thing, many manufacturers won’t even tell you the amount of insulation in their jackets – they’ll usually tell you about fill power, sometimes about down/feather ration, but they often skip this one. With a simple, clean design and a down/synthetic fill blend, this jacket works well for someone who needs an affordable do-it-all cold weather jacket, and who does not need the extra features of many of the other technical jackets or the style and fit of the casual parkas. Patagonia Frozen Range Parka (Men's - Women's), Patagonia City Storm Parka (Men's - Women's), Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Parka (Men's - Women's), Arc'teryx Radsten Insulated [NEW] (Men's). Most companies will claim that providing temperature ratings isn't possible, It's basically sprayed on to the surface of these jackets as a finish. A down fill rating of 600, for example, means that one ounce of down can cover 600 cubic inches. I also talked about this more in my my Arc'teryx Thorsen vs Therme vs Camosun post. Higher quality down that has even larger clusters, more loft and great insulation with low weight. Like most of the parkas in our collection, it features 700 fill power, and 13 ounces of white goose down. Michael Lanza. this down jacket on cool mornings in the low 50s on a six-day, 74-mile There are also alternative fills that are actually synthetic fibers designed to act like down but without many of the drawbacks. However, average goose down offers fill powers of 550-600, which is often ideal for most consumers. Generally, low weight and high fill powers can only be achieved by using special down feathers that are in large clusters. Outer fabric is actually much more about weather resistance, but it also affects warmth a little bit. Fill Type ASK US. A jacket can be insulated with 100 grams of down, but what if all of that insulation covers only its body? Since the weight is also measured in ounces and is referring to the same material, these two numbers together can give you a clear picture of what a blanket will really be like to use. The Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket for women wins big in the style department as well. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You should always look for this info in the descriptions of the jackets. A solid jacket at a bargain basement price, this model is as simple as it is warm. 60 grams is 2.1 ounces, so the total amount of down is able to insulate 1470 cubic inches. Despite having less fill weight than many of the technically-oriented parkas we tested, this model was remarkably warm for its weight and loft. For face fabrics, I'd list them like this: Perfex Quantum Pro = Arato 30 > Perfex Quantum > Arato 10 = Drilite Loft 40D > Arato 7 = Drilite Loft 20D > others. The heavier the amount of insulation, the warmer a jacket is. Duck down is what you usually see in jackets, as it is pretty easy and cheap to produce. The weight must be considered along with the fill power of a down comforter. hiking around town—in the range of temperatures normally encountered in summer So, let’s take everything I’ve told you about down insulation, and figure out how to find the perfect jacket. On the opposite end of the spectrum, feature-wise, the Mountain Hardwear Therminator is built for all-day use at the ski area, where the wearer might be using the jacket as if it were a handbag or even backpack. It stands for Durable Water Repellent - which means that water will be repelled under wet conditions instead of soaking into the fabric. For example, a 800 FP (fill power) down will end up getting 800 cubic inches when it's fully expanded. Unfortunately I'm unable to report the results of verbal communication that took place through phone calls. We put in the cold hours and the nitty-gritty research to... What is a winter jacket? When a jacket has cold spots, the heat escapes through them and you don’t feel as warm as you should. This number represents the volume in cubic centimetres of a single gram of down, when fully lofted - i.e. The two zippered hand pockets We did like the wrist cuff closures — they are elastic and offer a good seal, and the adjustable drawcord around the bottom hem allows for a tighter, customizable fit. They actually tell you a lot about the quality of insulation and warmth of a particular jacket, but only if you know how to read them. Which one is warmer? We can (and we do) use a made-up parameter to CLO/oz/yd² to replicate FP in down jackets. Higher quality down (e.g. gear for Backpacker Magazine for 20 years. BUY IT NOW You can support my work on this blog by clicking either of these links to purchase a men’s REI 650 Down Jacket at rei.com, or a women’s REI 650 Down Jacket at rei.com. In my experience, jackets equipped with 650 FP down will probably feel noticeably colder after, say. When the fill weight is the same, a higher fill power means more insulating capabilities (more heat retention) compared with lower number. #Sidenote: Winter Parkas are not included in this table. Larger clusters are able to trap more air, and are better at retaining body heat.

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